Saturday, 31 August 2013

Book Review: My Dog, My Cat by Ashlee Fletcher

My Dog, My Cat by Ashlee Fletcher
Genre: Children's, Picture Book
Source: Netgalley
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Summary (on Goodreads): In this bright new picture book, the author describes all the differences between her dog and cat, who don't always get along. Her dog barks; her cat meows. Her dog likes steak; her cat likes tuna. Her dog's tongue is wet; her cat's tongue is rough. But the story ends on a delightfully sweet note when the author reveals what her dog and cat have in common — a love of pizza and a love of their owner. The strong lines and fresh colors make this book an appealing read as young readers learn about normal behaviors for the two most popular pets, and that even the most different of creatures can find things in common.


Two straight weeks of picture books? Yes I have another picture book review and this is yet another winner. It is for children ages three and up but with the many pictures and simple fun wording, I'm sure children ages one and up can enjoy this book as well. In this book the author describes her dog and cat. Using vivid pictures and short sentences she creates a delightful world where the dog and cat are seen as individuals. At first it's all about the differences and the pictures show not just what they don't have in common but what they like or dislike. For example when she says the cat would rather be dry, the picture shows how upset the cat is at the very idea of being wet. Secret lesson, don't drench your cat. But in the end their common love is revealed which includes loving her the owner. I believe this book is both a fun read for little kids and a lesson how to take care of a pet and the love you get in return. I recommend this for any parent who wants to introduce their child to animals in a safe way and also those looking for a nice easy read for their small child.

Rating: 4 Stars


  1. Cute. I love any book about animals.

  2. It does sound very cute - something I would have loved to read to my niece and nephew when they were younger. Writer’s Mark

  3. Hope you didn't give too much of the story away, Sheena. Sounds like a fun book for kids.

  4. Yes, this book seems really fun!


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