Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Protector's of Aidensdein Blog Tour - He Came For Mine, C.M. Brown‏ and Express Yourself Meme

Today I'm doing a blurb for He Came for Mine by C.M. Brown. Dark things are ahead for the main characters and you can only find out more by reading on and going out to buy a copy.

Blurb: Desperate to save the life of a child he never knew he had, Sebastian returns to Earth to find Jazz in the arms of another man. A man he knows all too well. One who cannot be trusted! Sebastian worries if Jazz’s feelings for him have fleeted in his absence and he vows to win her back.
Jazz struggles to find ground between Sebastian and her new life, unsure who to trust and still holding resentment for Seb’s abandonment. She seeks solace through someone who was there for her when she needed to pick up the pieces.
After coming to terms with her new life, Jazz is struck down with confusion and longing when Sebastian suddenly returns.
However, a dark battle is forthcoming, one that is bound to bring bloodshed.



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And don't forget Book One in the series.

Blurb - He Came For Me, Book One in The Protector Series
Jazz, lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia. She leads a normal teenage life busy with friends, TAFE College, a part time job as a waitress, surfing and searching for a boyfriend! Until one day driving on her way to TAFE she is passed by a red Mazda Rx7. The driver holds her attention and as they both wait at a set of traffic lights to change to green, a sexual tension passes between them. In the days that follow she finds that this guy moves into her life as she befriends him, his friends and family! But are Seb and his friends what they seem to be? A fantasy novel revolving around a love story between two young people, who should not by rights, come together. Crossing the dimensions of two worlds, this story embarks on a journey of love, duty and togetherness as the two young lovers fight to be together and keep each other safe. Overcoming many obstacles while fighting to protect one another this story will leave the reader intrigued and wondering what will happen next!


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Express Yourself Meme: Favourite Love Scene

My favourite love scene comes from a book and a movie. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (Part Two for the Movie) had one of the steamiest scenes in both the book and the movie with Ron and Hermione. The movie did them some really good justice. Just look below (but beware spoiler photos).

So haters of this couple can buzz off this page. This couple is forever and besides they've come a hell of a long way.

See? Destiny.


  1. LOVE all the pics and pretty covers on here today :-D

  2. Thanks for giving my Tour space on your site today Sheena-Kay! It is greatly appreciated.

  3. I'm glad they got together. I think Ron is a cutie pie.

    Best of luck on the books. Sound like good reads!

  4. haunting cover

    and i am so enamored of the love story of ron & hermione. loooove that they showed them grown up! awwww!

  5. So cute to see that old photo of Ron and Hermione :) Feels like so long ago! I think the first movie came out when I was 15!

  6. Love Ron and Hermione together!


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