Thursday, 7 February 2013

Getting Personal: Seriously? The Black Stereotype

The video above shows a black woman being tased after behaving badly. Is it just me or is there just something in you that just screaming why when you see black people behaving in a manner that just perpetuates the negative stereotype. In my opinion she deserved to be tased and with Black History Month underway I can only hope people of all races will wake up and start acting responsibly and bring positive vibrations into the world.

I leave you with a pep talk from Kid President. If this can't give you a good pick me up after viewing the video above, nothing will. I really love this video and I'm glad about all the attention it and the kid doing it received. Positive vibes all around.

Happy Black History Month.


  1. The first video saddens me greatly. It's unfortunate that behavior like this occurs and I can only hope that the mistakes of a few doesn't overshadow how far we've all come as a society. Like Kid President says: I choose the road to awesome and I hope everyone else does as well :-)

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. My heart broke for the children in the first video. You could hear them start to panic just before she got tased. The second video put such a smile on my face (need to share this on fb (: ). He's so right, we're all on the same team in the game of life. Wish more people understood that. And like Victoria said, I choose the road to awesome too!

  3. And in front of the kids! That's what is really sad.

  4. As Alex said so sad in front of children.
    Take care.

  5. Thanks for sharing these. The worst part is that children live what they learn. Why anyone would want to make spectacles of themselves like that is beyond me.

  6. I just subscribed to that kid's channel.

    Sadly, there are a lot of bad situations that happen where very few of them are documented, but the ones that are help us understand how people can behave and gives us something to learn from. Good things are even harder to record, but they happen more than we think. :)

  7. For -anyone- to act like that, regardless of race, is very sad and she was lucky that she was only tased.

    lol, the second video was awesome....loved it!

  8. Oh, that kid is so cute! Thank you for sharing the video, I hadn't seen it yet. (I will admit, I didn't watch the first one, I can about imagine it based on your description and the comments, though. I'd rather watch the cute one.) ;)

  9. Wow. That first video was crazy. Poor little kids. Teaching them to participate in that and pushing it to escalate to violence right in front of them. Seriously crazy stuff.

    But I LOVED the second video. That kid is absolutely adorable and hilarious. I definitely want to be on his team!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  10. That first video was a WTF issue all the way around, from the females behaving in such a public display of utter ignorance, the children mimicking the negative behavior to the so called father at the end who was doing absolutely nothing until that ridiculous female got tazed. All of sudden, those are his children out there. What was he doing while all that mess was going on? Well, the stereotypes are based on these kinds of things, the disturbing fact that some of it is true, though not on an "every person of that race" does it kind of scale.

    The kid president? When can we elect him???


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