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Monday, 20 January 2014

Deadly Luxury Sign-Up Reminder and Last Week

Please Note: My next post will actually be on Wednesday not Tuesday. I corrected that error in this post.

First off I'd like to remind you about about my cover reveal coming February 17. Thank you to all who have signed up so far and I can't wait to put out the second novella cover for The Sacrifice Series on display.

Last Week

You might have noticed last week that my presence on my blog was rather spotty. I had planned to blog at least four times last week but then circumstances got in the way. I felt so bad about my lack of blogging that I decided not to post again until I could get my online act together. It never feels good for me when I post but don't comment on other blogs. I am sorry about being so absent even though I know most of you already forgive me. Thank you for all your support and I'll be ready to post again on Wednesday.

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  1. I'll be happy to help. Just email what you want and I'll put it on my calendar. Best wishes with everything!

  2. All signed up to help!
    I feel the same way. If I can't return comments, I won't post. Glad you're back on schedule.

  3. No worries, Sheena-kay--I think we all recognize that life can be inconvenient at times. Hope all is well.

  4. All in! Just send the details and CONGRATS :)

  5. Signed up!

  6. Hope all is well with you now and yes, things do get a lot more busy than we anticipate at times.

  7. Have fun with your cover reveal. I can't sign up because I have something else scheduled for that day :(


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