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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Getting Personal: January 2014 and Celebrate Today

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January has been a great month so far. A recent event with a family member dampened it a bit but I'm still determined to look forward. A whole bunch of things have made this month great including my upcoming book release and Deadly Luxury's Cover Reveal next month. I have also won multiple Amazon Giftcards and have bought multiple e-books for my kindle which include both indie and traditional bloggers/writers we know. Including Switched, Witch Fall and Don't Get Mad...Get Even: Vol. 2. I'm so happy when I can purchase a book by a fellow blogger and help support their work.

I am also looking forward to getting the covers for my other novellas done and with a current ghost writing gig online I just might be able to splurge on a cover in March/April. So excited about that since I haunt those websites anyway. Anyone know Phat Puppy Art and Lady Symphonia? All my past covers were under $50 and while they're very good, I want to go wild on at least one cover. I'm eyeing Frozen Dolls in particular. I just love the storyline so much.

Oh and before I go I must share a cake load of awesomeness. Riptide the publisher for The Beginning of Us loved my review of the book so much they offered me a Jan 30 spot on the author's book tour! I mean who does that? I Sheena-kay Graham got emailed by a publisher for their author's book tour. Ahhh! Anyway I said yes (I know, shocker right?) and got to send five questions for an interview with the author Sarah Brooks. So mark your calendars folks and see, Netgalley rules. Whoo! Still excited.

And lastly I yet again posted without commenting yesterday. Sorry but I got stranded at home because of being under the weather and before I could leave when I started feeling better rain fell. Lots of rain. And by nightfall I'm too busy with other stuff including the ghost writing gig to go comment But I'm determined to get to the library today and continue saving for my own laptop. Right now I'm typing away on my dad's work computer. Yes my computer situation is that sad. But better than not getting access to a computer. Even if it's at night and I have to lose sleep. Still looking forward and thanking God for all my blessings including having KFC for dinner. With fries.

Celebrate the small things

What am I celebrating? Another week of being alive, indie book covers, writing books, reading books, winning gift cards, fan fiction (I'm catching up on some writing for Save Me), ignoring naysayers and jerks, the internet, having a writing job that pays, and the beautiful blogging/writing community. I love you guys and have a wonderful day.

See you on Saturday for weekly book review.


  1. Sounds like you've had an awesome week!

  2. That's cool they contacted you because of your review.
    Now, make it a point to have a great day today!

  3. That's awesome, Sheena-kay! Congratulations!
    And enjoy all the books you got! (Switched is awesome!)

  4. Contacted by a publisher, that's fabulous. Congratulations. Happy reading and writing :)

  5. How fun! I'm looking forward to reading your interview. Yay!

  6. Wow it's awesome that the publisher contacted you. :-D

  7. Congratulations on the publisher request! I'm not at all surprised. You always go above and beyond on your book posts.

    Never feel bad for not making the rounds. We all know you'll get around when you can. And I've never hired a cover, so I can't help.

  8. It must be exciting to have a publisher contact you directly. I look forward to the interview. 'Cake load of awesomeness'-Loving it.

  9. PhatPuppy is pretty good. I have no idea how much she charges, but there are few photos of hers that I -don't- like. Can't wait to see these covers!

    1. Me too, especially the one showing the lady's butt crack. What's up with that? Claudia of Phatpuppy charges like $400-$600 per cover depending on what you want and she doesn't do the fonts. Natalie at Lady Symphonia offers cheaper rates and works with indie publishers on prices. Congrats on your book coming out this summer and thanks for stopping by.

  10. You're in an upbeat mood. Kudos. I am glad things are going well for you.
    congrats on getting on the blog tour after your awesome book review.

    Enjoy the year. Your stars are.... Oooops, the Lord is definitely working things out for you. Soon you'll be able to get your computer. I hope you enjoyed the fries. All the best.

  11. I like what you said about ignoring the naysayers and jerks---perfect!

  12. Congrats on winning gift cards!

  13. Sheena,
    Congrats on your wins and thanks for buying a copy of my book! Itr is wonderful to have the support of a wonderful group of writers. Hope you get your computer situation worked out soon. And congrats on that tour date!

  14. Well being stranded at home is a lot better than being stranded at the airport.

  15. Way to go! Lots of good things to look forward to.

  16. Hey, that's so awesome. In fact you've named a number of awesomes here. Congrats, Sheena-kay

  17. Sheena, you are SO BUSY!!! So many exciting things going on right now!!!!! (I hope you're feeling better though!)

  18. That's awesome about the publisher and your review. How cool! And I can totally relate about commenting, I've fallen behind on everything related to blogging lately.

    Hope you're having another awesome week. :)


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