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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Book Review: The Beginning of Us and Cover Reveal: Road to Somewhere

The Beginning of Us

Genre: Romance, LGBT,

Source: Netgalley

Purchase: Riptide ebooks

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Summary: Eliza, where are you? I'm listening, watching, waiting for you. I need you. How dare you run away? Where’s the courage, the fearlessness I fell in love with? 
I don’t know what else to do but write. It’s dark in my dorm room, and the wind rattles the panes of my window, and I’m supposed to be driving to my parents’ right now for winter break, but I can’t feel my arms or my legs, and my chest aches because I don’t know where you’ve gone. Or why. 
I know I shouldn't have fallen in love with my professor. But you inspired me when you stood in front of the class, telling us to find our authentic selves. And I did—with you. How could I know that you would be so afraid of this, of us? That you'd be so terrified of . . . yourself? Wherever you are, Eliza, hear me—and come back to me. 
Love (yes, I'll write that word, Professor), Your Tara

Review: It's rare when a book comes along that takes you over body and soul. This is such a book. Tara is a student and Eliza is her English professor. Aged 21 and 29 respectively each have very different upbringing with one being grown on a farm and another in wealth. Both are about to discover that they're lesbians. This novel is told mostly in Tara's writings about the events that happened before Eliza took off. As she writes she realizes more about herself, her town and even Eliza. A touching story with love tinged with sadness and betrayal you will be hard pressed not to get a lump in your throat long before the end.

Also touched in this novel is sexual discovery, homophobia, love and values of families and the towns they live in and friendship. Tara's boyfriend in the novel is a tragic character to me, he's such a good guy and his girlfriend turning out to be a lesbian isn't his fault. Yet like any boyfriend whose girl of his dreams turns out....I think you know how this goes so I'll let you read the book for the details. Tara's words are loving, cutting and naive and strong all at the same time and at different times. The author's choice of words draws you in from the start and the blurb being an appeal directly from Tara instead of the usual book summary is just brilliant. I recommend everyone get a copy for themselves and if you're one of those who refuse to refuse LGBT, while I respect your decision, you'll be missing out on an amazing book.

Rating: 5 Stars (and rainbows)

Cover Reveal: Road to Somewhere

Now for the cover of the much anticipated (at least by me and loads of other savvy readers and bloggers) Road to Somewhere. If like me you've been following this books journey from W.I.P. to publication you know it's been a long adventurous road for the two authors. Who are both lovely bloggers as well and people I'm proud to call my friends. Congrats Kelley and Jenny.

New! From Bloomsbury Spark, a sunny heartwarming story of discovery and sisterhood. 

A road trip. A singing competition. And super-hot cowboys. 

What could be better? 

For Charlie, a post-high school road trip isn't just a vacation, it's life changingWhile her parents think she's helping a friend move, a chance at fame is the real reason to grab her best friends and drive to L.A. But when her super annoying, uber-responsible, younger sister, Lucy, has to tag along, it isn't quite the summer of fun she imagined. 

Add in a detour to her grandparents' ranch in Texas, and between mucking the stalls, down-home cookin’, and drool worthy ranch hands, this could just turn into the best, and most complicated, summer of their lives. 

My Real Life Little Sister

This is Anique Graham, my little sister and the baby of the family. Though I'm not sure how baby qualifies at age 20. But my brother and I are older so... As the eldest I might be the big sib in the family but Anique is the most independent. She loves fashion, can style hair like no one's business and can cook side by side with my mum in the kitchen which is no small feat. Right now she attends University and is studying Computers. She is very into fitness and diligently exercises with that Insanity program. Just look at this pic I swiped off facebook. Isn't she precious? Won't be so much if she ever finds this post but I won't tell. Heh, heh.


  1. Some great covers, especially The Beginning of Us.

  2. Two great covers!
    Your sister sounds very interesting!

  3. Love the cover for Beginning of Us. And the book sounds great.

    Thanks for you help with the reveal!! And your sister sounds awesome. :)

  4. Anique--what a pretty name. I always wanted a younger sister, but I got that position. Oh well. :)

  5. You have a way of surprising me. It's a good thing. Wonderful review. You sound very proud of your sister. Insanity workout - eek!

  6. My gosh, your sister sounds just as amazing as you Sheena-kay! Thanks so much for helping us out and your kind words. Your friendship means a lot.

  7. Looks like gorgeous gals is a Graham family recipe! Both books sound amazing, though I have to put Kelley and Jenny's higher on the read list...them being friends and all ;)

  8. Congrats to Kelley and Jenny!!! And I'm with the others, I love your sister's name!

  9. I have to admit that I had a knee-jerk reaction to a story about lesbians, but then I thought, "hey, I'm not a lesbian, but I do have a total girl crush on Celine Dion, so who am I to judge!" haha, but for realz I do. Anyway, great post. I'm so stoked about The Road To Somewhere cover. So sunny and exciting.

  10. waah! why does my name have to be gay? oh well, just a name and someone else's choice, right? glad it moved you! books like that are hard to find.

    yay for kelley & Jenny! sounds like such a fun read!

    and your sister is fabulous! i love her already!

  11. Your sister sounds terrific. And interesting book you reviewed. Sounds intriguing.

  12. The babies of the family always remain the babies. I know because I'm one too.

    "And rainbows"? High praise for the book. :)

  13. Too fun! I loved reading about your sister. :)


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