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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Untitled Novella

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Late Saturday night/ early Sunday morning last weekend I was surfing the net. Aside from working on my writing, checking up on mysocial status updates and etc. I started looking at old blog posts from fellowbloggers. Then I came across some blogs posts about Curiosity Quills. That publisher had recently completed a competition looking for manuscripts to request submissions for. Some of thosewho got the prestigiouschanceto send in actual chaptersfor review included some of my followers andfave bloggers. All of whom I'm happy for. Then I decided to read the publishers submission guidelines myself and see what they were about. After going over their website I realized I had a story idea perfect for whatthey're looking for in novels submitted to them.  Initially I had put the story ideadown for a later book in my Sacrifice Series. But I always knew it wasn't truly right for what thatseries is about. Now I havedecided to use it instead as a submission to Curiosity Quills and hope to have the novella written, edited and completedforsubmission before the end of this year. Below is the basic ideafor the novella which will be 4-6 books around 17,000 words each.

Dan wants a kiss. An act striictly forbidden on a new earth where most contact including romantic, sexual or overly friendly is forbidden. A perfect world where diseases are almost completely non-existent and babies are born in special centres through science and technology. But Dan's determined to get a kiss no matter the cost and has made a decision. He'll find the Shiva, a teenage ghost who wanders through the forbidden zones. She kisses teen boys on their sixteenth birthday at five minutes to midnight. Good news you get a kiss rumoured worth dying for. Bad news, you actually die. Dan has decided to pay the ultimate price to escape a clastrophobic regime. But four of his closest friends are determined to stop him.

How is that? I plan to flesh it more later on but I think I have a basic idea. Let me know what you think and tomorrowI'll post two book reviews to makefor the one I missed last week.


  1. That sounds really interesting! Good luck! :)

  2. That sounds really intriguing!

  3. Wow! You seriously have the most intriguing ideas my dear. And you're right, I can totally see Curiosity Quills scooping this one up. Good luck! Keep us posted on the progress :)

  4. Rachel: Thank you.

    Panda Ninja: Glad you like it!

    Kelley: Thank you Kelley! And I will keep you posted.


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