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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sacrifice Her: A Promo

For all those in the know Sacrifice Her is my debut novella set for release this August. For those less informed Sacrifice Her has antagonist Deidra Moore escaping human sacrifice to go on the run into the dessert surrounding her home, Faux City. She doesn't believe in the Gods her people worship for divine protection but they do. Lord Brinn their leader is persnally tasked with the job of bringing her back and completing the sacrifice. Failure means destruction of Faux City. Unless Deidra's right and there's really no God at all.

Please Note: I have posted new stock photo images on this post as of January 13, 2013. Feel free to use these as badges. Thank you.



  1. Sa-WEET!!! That's going to be released SOON! I'm so excited! Great pictures too! I can't wait!

    AND... thanks for being a part of our blogfest! I can't wait! :D

  2. I'm going with TEAM DEIDRA. :D

  3. Well there is a God but hey, must go with Deidra.

  4. i'm hoping they can find another way to appease the god. surely there is a deceptive twist to bring lord brinn & deidra together! dont make me choose!

    and good selling your debut! congrats!


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