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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Character Interview: Deidra Moore and Lord Brinn

Today I will be interviewing Deidra Moore and Lord Brinn from my August debut novella Sacrifice Her. This will be Book one in The Sacrifice Series and if you'd like you can see interviews for book two (The Choice) characters Jessica Hatfield  and Joseph Rowe.

Me: Hello Deidra, Lord Brinn.

Both sit in chairs bristling at each other. The female brinette adjusts her dress and blonde Lord Brinn sits statuesque in his white robes.

Me: Ok, I have five questions for each of you. Deidra goes first. Tell me about yourself and your home.

Deidra: I'm a teenager from Faux City. We have a class system to keep order and most believe in Gods watching over us. Faux does sacrifices to please God of Gore in exchange for keeping us safe from harm.

Me: In Sacrifice Her you decide to run instead of dying. Why?

Deidra: Why? Because I want to live and I think this God stuff is crap!

Lord Brinn: Blashemy!!

Me: Lord Brinn please. Your turn is coming.

Lord Brinn sits back red faced.

Me: In my novella you meet someone while on the run. Can you tell a little about him?

Deidra: His name is Kale. He's a wanderer who thinks it's time for the world to end. That it's become too rotten. He's also strong and kind.... he's nice but I can't stand him sometimes.

Me: Would you ever go home?

Deidra: I miss my family but no.

Me: What if Lord Brinn and your city is right about the Gods and their wrath if you don't get sacrficed.

Deidra pales and refuses to answer.

Lord Brinn smiles superiorly.

Me: Well I guess it's your turn Lord Brinn.

Lord Brinn: The best is always saved for last. Hello commoner.

Me: Um let's stick with Sheena-kay.

Lord Brinn: You're a commoner.

I do my best not to lose my patience.

Me: Call me writer or something.

Lord Brinn: Ok scribe, talk away.

Me: ??

Deidra: No you see what we deal with.

Lord Brinn: Silence!

Me: Don't talk to her like that!!

Lord Brinn: I will not stand for this.

Me: Then go home I'll interview you some other time then.

Lord Brinn: If you're lucky.

Me (mutters): Bet that's what all the unlucky ladies hear.

Deidra: Why am I not surprised.

So readers Lord Brinn will be interviewed later in the week. Keep your eyes peeled.


  1. This is a great post!

  2. This was very interesting! I really enjoyed reading it. I've thought about doing character interviews before, but I'll probably wait a while before I attempt to do it.

    Nice entry!

  3. Hey Sheena thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you got a good cover after that order that went bad, that must have stunk.

  4. Haha. This was great! I already have such a good feel for the two of them. 'Hello commoner'. Priceless!


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