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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Award Season: For Me of Course

First off Happy Fathers Day to all the daddies! We love you and know you never get enough credit.

I have four blog awards now. Today I'm dealing with my latest two. To read about about the first two click here.

From Tara Tyle I received this award. To read the funny story she wove to and for all awardees click here.

To show my happiness for this award I'll take a page out of Tara's book and not do the fact list. Instead I'm going to take a one page summary for a new novel idea I wrote on the fly while watching Twilight: New Moon on Showtime (which I'll get to writing...year 2037...come on readers I'm packed) on June 14, 2012 and write at least 150 words for the start at random. I can't take more than ten minutes. Wish me luck.

Also I pass this award along to: Panda Ninja, Rachel Morgan and Christy. All you have to do is something fun to show off your blogging versatility.

Shade Me: Book One

Cassie lay on her bed staring at the blue starred ceiling. She had given up a lot to live as a human. No more drifting through the chilly nights with her fellow shades. Feeding time was what she'd miss most. Gliding in small groups in their cloaks and stretching out their graying bone hands to stun their prey and take what was needed. Communicating with sweet groans and feeling what your nearest shade felt... This would creep any human out but she missed it. But not enough to stay in the darkness.

Now she was Cassie Blake. Sixteen year old high school student with a popular best friend, Elizabeth Bailey a.k.a Lizzie. Who always wanted to get her a makeover and do fun loud things. She turned the girl down sometimes but secretly loved Lizzie's light. However like all she had a bane to her existence. Bardford Teft. A vampire.


Yes!! I finished it in seven minutes and used the last three for edit. I'm awesome. More so, I didn't even have a title when I started. Even better, I thought up a theme song just before starting. Crazy!!

P.S. : Cassie in Shade me having the same name as loving blogger Cassie Mae is a complete coincidence. But hey, it's still cool to have a character indirectly named after you, right? And not on purpose!

Theme Song: Ellie Gold's 'Lights'

Next Award

This beaut came from Elizabeth Seckman over at  Use Your Words. Thank you Lizzie!

Now on to the requirements. Which I'll follow to the T this time.

1. Name and thank the blogger. Check.

2. List 7 facts about yourself.

3. Share award with five fellow bloggers.

Seven Facts About Me

1. My ears have never been pierced. Everytime I decide to do it something distracts me. Oh look, a dust mote! Or you can check these hilarious images.

2. No tattos. NEVER!!

3. I write about mostly white people in my ya novels. I guess it's because of the type of stories I  loved reading while growing up and Jamaica has only recently embraced story writing for novels that don't sound like literary books from school. Sorry but it's true. And no, I have no black girl sad about not being white complex. Not everyone who has interest in another race hates their own. Yesh! I love Jamaica and being black. Once you go black you never go back. Yeah!!

4. I plan to purchase a cake with my shelved Red Series book Rachel Becoming Red book cover. Hey, big time writers get parties with the cake designed like their book all the time! All I have to do is save some money. And I plan to post pics for y'all to see.

5. I love chocolate but hate chocolate based proucts (brownies, chocolate buscuits and cookies, etc).

6. As a teenager one day alone at home I took my top off and danced around the living room. I was lost in the music people! No regrets. Because no one saw me.

7. I'm thinking These are a lot of facts.

Now to award five other bloggers. Drumroll:

CassieEmily R. King, Kelley, Tara Tyler and Lyla Lee


  1. Oh I used to be the same way with chocolate! But then I got pregnant and suddenly cake and brownies and all that stuff was the shiznit!

    Thanks for the award! And unintentionally naming a character after moi, lol. :D

  2. we are the same on #1 & 2! thanks for the shout out & great snippet!

    and i would love to hear a story about your childhood! i cant imagine how it would be to grow up in jamaica!

  3. You're most welcome, your highness. :)

  4. Look at all these awards! Congrats!

    And are you sure Cassie's name was just a coincidence? :)

  5. Cassie: Well yay for pregnancy's cool underrated super powers. You're welcome and yes I did accidentally name a character after you. Hooray for happy, awesome accidents!!

    Tara Tyler: Good to know. Glad you liked it and yeah I've been thinking I should write more personal stories on my blog. I'm going to try for next week because this week is packed.

    Elizabeth: Highness? *Blushes*

    Emily: Thank you. Yes it was a coincidence but a cool one if I say so myself. ;)

  6. Thank you for the blog award! x)

    We are the same for your number 5. I like oranges, but I do not like any orange flavored candy for some reason, lol.

  7. Btw, I also gave you an award!


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