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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Day of Fun

Today I'm posting images of both humour and life truths. Ha, ha, just for laughs really but they're a few pearls of wisdom in there. Enjoy.

Me: Hells to the yeah!!!!

Me: I laughed. Then laughed again despite losing my genius hat.

Me: Gangsta baby, Gangsta.

Me: Thankfully that won't be my child for a long time. Oh yeah, oh yeah (does a little dance).... To others, my condolences.

Me: Oh dear Lord people!! Spare the cat, seriously. They have feelings....and sight.

Now for the mother of them all

Me: I'm SOOOOO like that. If you see me running you better get your ass in gear. *Whispers* It's the zombie apocolypse.

So there you have it readers. A day of fun in pictures/images. Now I'll leave you with one last image. Say Awww.

Didn't say awww? Well I didn't invite you here did I Voldemort?



  1. so thats what it is! thanks for clearing it up for me! i knew there was a good reason =)

  2. Special thanks to Christy D and Tara Tyler who had such nice things to say when this post only had the vulture too sexy image on it. Thanks again and hope everyone likes the updated version with more images and laughs.

  3. Hahaha! I love the little kittie "in da hood"!

  4. Rachel: So do I. I saw it and knew it had to get posted here.


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