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Friday, 27 April 2012

Oh, My Hero Bloghop: Briar Bass from The Bullfrog Guardian Series

I decided to participate in the Oh, My Hero! Blog Hop to introduce my characters to a wider audience. Initially I was going to use Terry from my upcoming debt novel Rachael Becoming Red but after another delay and a few other issues I decided to use someone else. After some mental wrangling I decided on Briar Bass the MC from my recent ya novel idea. He will be interviewed by me and you will decide how cool, interesting or swoon worthy he is as a hero.

Briar Bass

Sheena-kay: Hello Briar.

Briar: Hi, can I have a glass of water?

Sheena-kay: Sure.

Briar: That hit the spot. Ask away.

Sheena-kay: Who are you Briar Bass?

Briar: I am Briar Bullfrog prince and son of Tribaius Bullfrog. My father is an elite guardian of earth. He's #2 but I think it's only a matter of time before he finds a way to trump the dolphin's and become #1. It would be the first time anyone beat the dolphin from top elite since they got the spot 600 years ago. Also as guardians we have the responsibility of protecting those who inhabit it. Bullfrogs were assigned humans and one of the abilities of top guardians is being able to transform into what they protect. I have taken many forms but my current one of Briar Bass is among the most ordinary. As a teenager I go around doing human teen things and avoid stupid conversations with girls who like to laugh more than they talk. But things really heat up when I overhear plans to overthrow the natural order and exterminate all humans. Naturally I had to step up but it turned out to be a dark and dangerous fight.

Sheena-kay: Do you have any qualms about being a frog?

Briar: No and I'm a bullfrog. You know that we're the only animal that never sleeps right? Oh of course you do.

Sheena-kay: *Grinds teeth*

(Briar smiles sheepishly)

Sheena-kay: Are you afraid of losing?

Briar: Fear isn't an option. Losing means extermination of humans and anyone allied with them. That would include my bretheren who love humans. Right now I find them ok. Kinda delicate sometimes but I like their colourings.

Sheena-kay: Our skin tones.

Briar: But bullfrogs have better skin texture. Take it from me.

(Sheena-kay keeps mum on that one)

Sheena-kay : How old are you?

Briar: In human form or bullfrog years?

Sheena-kay: Right. In your current human form.

Briar: I'm sixteen and in high school.

Sheena-kay: What is your idea for a perfect girlfriend or mate?

Briar: No one's perfect. My mate would be of my kind and accepting of my duties as son of an elite guardian.

Sheena-kay: Ok. What about the new girl June Merr? You had to show her around on her first day.

Briar: Yeah and I got attacked by a seal in ball form. Nothing more impressive than a terrified girl watching a 'giant ball' try to pummel you to death.

Sheena-kay: *Sighs* What do you do for fun?

Briar: As a human I go for long walks, excercise and hang out to keep up appearances. In my original form of a bullfrog I hop lilly pads, hang with my friends at the palace, do a bunch of other stuff and train to be a contender for elite guardian when my father passes.

Sheena-kay: That's fun? I mean interesting.

Briar: Your skills of deception are astounding.

Sheena-kay: *Bristling* How was your first kiss?

Briar: Great, I...

Sheena-kay: First human kiss.

Briar: Right. No. Never had one.

Sheena-kay: All your kisses were as a frog??!!

Briar: Don't knock it! I have kissed mermaids. A little human girl even kissed me for Earth Day.

Sheena-kay: I should've picked Lux.

Briar: If you wanted someone as heroic as Britney Spears ex-husband was the finacier for her career.

Sheena-kay: Hey!

Briar: Face it, Circa's the heroine in that story. The W.I.P. even has her name as the title. Lux isn't even riding her coat tails. He wants to be her friend...maybe more. Typical book stuff.

Sheena-kay: Don't knock my work!

Briar: And your initial pick for this bloghop, Terry, that adult agent guy. He kicked an eleven-year old in the first chapter of your upcoming debut novel. What was going to his swoon factor? Kick ass fighter with no qualms about child abuse?

Sheena-kay: I am going to kill you.

Briar: *goes pale* Really? You're going to cut me out and create a new M.C.?

Sheena-kay: What? No! Not like that.

Briar: Thank goodness. What else do you want to ask?

Sheena-kay: What is it like being betrayed during the fight to save human kind?

Briar: Hard. So many who were sworn to protect the earth now just want to reshape it to their own advantage. I'm glad the bullfrogs are a more loyal bunch. Our job isn't easy but that doesn't mean you take a holiday or try to exterminate an entire species.

Sheena-kay: If you had twenty-four hours to live. What would you do?

Briar: I'd go home and stay with my real family. Eat fly jelly with my father and stepmother, hang with my friends one last time.

Sheena-kay: Kiss more mermaids.

Briar: *blushing* Don't tell my dad I did that. Mermaids are big flirts but picky kissers. He'd worry I was going into a cross species relayionship. That's a hughe 'no no' for bullfrog royalty.

Sheena-kay: One last question. Why do you care about humans so much?

Briar: Humans are fascinating creatures. They have no special abilities for the most part but they do so much. Even thoough they have destroyed chunks of the environment, so many are making valiant efforts to save it. Also they love their young so freely even though it's a choice not an instinct. That's just wild.

Sheena-kay: Well I thank you Briar for taking part in this interview.

Briar: Your welcome and here's one of my vacation photos. I know you humans like doing that sort of thing. *Photo*

Sheena-kay: *Eyes pop out* Oh, that will be an attention grabber. Signing off and remember readers to comment and visit other blogs participating in the blog hop.

Briar: Shout out to my family!

Sheena-kay: Go home!

Thank you all for taking part in this blogfest.


  1. This is such an interesting story concept, and Briar is a really unique character. Your voice for him is very strong. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great interview! I love this line the most:

    Sheena-kay : How old are you?

    Briar: In human form or bullfrog years?

    LOL...struck me funny!

  3. Bumping the dolphins...I'm sold right there!

  4. Ooh a frog prince! How cute and Briar is too funny I loved your banter back and forth! Thanks for joining the hop :D

  5. Yummy - he reminds me of Niall from the boyband One Direction ;)

    And I love the concept for your story x

  6. Loved the author/hero angle. Sheena-kay really gets down to business! A fun read. :)

  7. Love the pics. A frog prince? How cool is that. Well done.

  8. LOL! I love this! I so want a conversation with this bullfrog. :D

  9. This is cute! Unique twist on the idea of a frog prince. :)

  10. I dig a frog prince! LOL. Great interview!

    Thanks for participating!

  11. Laughing out loud! Very fun interview and YES, I find Briar quite intriguing! Plus... great name! :)

  12. I love that he is a bullfrog, how unique! and he turns into what he protects, sounds like a very cool and swoon worthy hero :)


  13. A bullfrog, that is awesome!!! Loved the interview, I'm with Leigh laughed out loud several times.

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