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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Book Review Thursdays: Hanger 13 by Lindsay McKenna

Hanger 13 by Lindsay McKenna
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Published: September 12, 2006
Source: Borrowed from local library
Purchase: Barnes and Noble, Amazon US
Summary: The moment she stepped into the echoing silence of Hangar 13, Ellie O'Gentry knew herself to be in the presence of an entity of breathtaking power--a presence so terrible, she doubted that even the mystic gifts bequeathed by her ancestors could lay it to rest.
She knew, too, how difficult it was for a combat-hardened fighter pilot like Major Mac Stanford, a man who placed his faith in refined technology and raw courage, to recognize the limits of "his" powers--and ask for guidance of a Cherokee medicine shaman.
But some things simply could not be denied. Like the evil spirit gathering strength in Hangar 13--and the stunning passion flaring between Ellie and this modern-day warrior... .


I'm someone who's not too crazy about romance novels. Not that I don't like romance but over the years I've long tired of cliched plots and swooning every two seconds. True romance to me takes time or at least some magic in that sudden spark. If I want ridiculous swooning I'll stick to movie spoofs. But something about Hanger 13 caught my attention at my local parish library and after getting into it, I have no regrets. This book doesn't just have romance but teaches readers about Ellie's life and culture and also gives insight into Mac's life as a pilot and straight laced military man. Both are thrust into superatural circumstances beyond their control and as their romance blossoms so does the danger in Hanger 13.

Mac Stanford starts out as a military pilot with a problem hanger. Tools are hitting and injuring people in hanger 13. Worse he has an inspection coming up. When someone suggests he ask for the help of a cherokee medicine woman he's beyond skeptical but does it for the sake of his crew. When he meets Ellie his skepticism is glaring but they both come to know each other and feelings arise. Feelings that are more than physical and like the entity in Hanger 13, impossible to deny. But unlike stereotypical romance novels, both actually take the time to get to know each other. There's no stinted dialogue and limited typical swooning thoughts and descriptions. As Mac delves deeper into Ellie's Cherokee culture he begins to see there's more to the world than science and as Ellie does the same she see's a man with scars but still wiliing to love again. Both have to work together to rid hanger 13 of a bitter entity and both have to fight for their lives as they face the most challenging experience in their lives. If they survive, they'll have a chance to see where life takes them. If not, this entity will become more powerful and maybe even be danerous beyond hanger 13.

This book was thought provoking, mysterious, page turning and romantic. If you love romance novels get it. If you don't still go for it because maybe the things you hate about romance novels won't be there like it turned out for myself. Consider this book as a purchase or rental. I personally recommend it.

Rating: 5 Stars!

Gave it same on Goodreads


  1. Every five star book review must be taken seriously. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I agree. I'm tired of senseless swooning too! (dirty little secret, I got a lot of rejections in the romance market for not following the formula...switched to women's fiction and all is well)

  3. Thanks for the review!

    And I left the answer to your question on my blog, but I thought I'd leave it here too. I have a Nook ereader. And I LOVE it :)

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