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Friday, 6 April 2012

Blog Awards and Hunger Games Movie

First I'll like to say I'm absolutely giddy about receiving two blog awards from Lyla Lee. I love her blog and wish her the best on her journey to be a published author. Her novel MEMENTO MORI  (formerly titled Nocturne) has been submitted to agents. To see more about her work click here.

Here are the awards I got:


Favorite color: Pink, Black, Blue (I interchange)
Favorite animal: CATS!
Favorite number: 2,4,6,8 (in love with even numbers)
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Orange juice
Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
My passion: Writing, reading and blogging
Getting or giving presents: Both
Favorite pattern: Anything I don't consider a nightmare
Favorite day of the week: Don't really have one...go figure
Favorite flower: Unsure but white roses are beautiful


Now, seven facts about myself:

1. I don't have a passport. Shocking, I'm getting one soon though.
2. I plan to both self publish and send manuscripts to agents.
3. I was a Sweet Valley book series junkie in High School (from 7-12 grade in Jamaica)
4. I am not a hiker, nature obsessed or interested in camping. No.
5. I want to learn to cook a wide variety of foods.
6. I was a fan of shows like Dallas and L.A. Law as a child. Yes, I'm strange.
7. I hope to get a C.P. for another set of eyes for my works in progress.

Now for my thoughts on Hunger Games (Limited Spoilers)

On March 25, 2012 (Sunday) I went to see Hunger Games with my Mom. I planned to go by myself Saturday but my mother practically begged me to change days and go together. She didn't want to go alone and we both ended up enjoying ourselves. It was good to see reactions from someone who never read the book. My mother loved the movie but hated the violent things the children were forced to do for sport. I enjoyed the movie but was turned off mainly by how different some of the stars looked from the mental pictures I got from the book. But they caught the personalities of their roles very well and I eased into it. Some of the scenes with Peeta and Katniss alone were awkward and cut off too abruptly. I'm no director but I know there is an art to changing scenes and doing it too quickly leaves viewers blindsided, annoyed or confused. I felt that a few times and hope the next movie does more to eliminate these issues.

But I loved most how scenes not even in the book were created. A behind the scene look on how the games were run and manipulated was very exciting and eye opening for me. It melded so well I'm sure some movie goers assumed it was in the book. Characters like President Snow shined in scenes created exclusively for the movie. Each person played a role and whether it shined or blipped on the screen. This movie was well done and while not Harry Potter level. It beat the first Twilight movie by leagues.

Rating: 3.5 Stars on Technical Aspects and 4 Stars for the movie over all.


  1. I'm not a nature girl either. If you ever need a reader, drop me a line. I'm not your best editor on the planet, but I know how to read. (eseckman at ymail dot com)

  2. katniss & peeta were supposed to be awkward, she's got all those mixed emotions, playing house for her life. i agree about the behind the scenes, very cool!

    i loved those sweet valley high books too!

  3. Elizabeth: I'll hold you to the reading offer. I'm a poor editor too. Thanks for commenting and another not-nature girl? Yay!

    Tara Tyler: Everyone has their opinion. Glad you liked the behind the scenes and Sweet Valley Books ruled when I was in High School.


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