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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Recovering from Flu

I can finally breathe through my nose. Well sort of. From last Monday I have been terrorized by a terrible bout of the flu. I had a fever so bad I was bedridden the first night. Now a week and a day later I'm moving about but constantly fatigued with aching joints, sore throat, slightly stuffy nose and some coughing. Being away from my blog was terrible but I just couldn't bring myself to write much of anything for most of last week. But I'm back and things will be back on schedule as of tomorrow.

So have your blogs been doing. Has anyone eolse been sick over the last few weeks?


  1. Raising hand. Ugh, I had the same thing. So did my son. I'm glad you are feeling better. ;)

  2. I hope you feel better soon! It sucks to be sick. :( As for your questions, I recently updated three of my blogs and I haven't been sick lately. However, back to you, I know you'll be glad once you finally rid yourself of the flu. :)

  3. Aw, I hope you feel 100% soon. My family has had a bad month of colds and such. The beginning and the end of flu season are the worst parts for us.

  4. sorry you've been down! just some allergies over here. glad you cleared a passage!

  5. One of my friends felt queasy over the weekend, but I've been doing all right. I hope you feel better soon.

  6. I've been healthy, knock on wood. Glad to see you're recovering.

  7. Jenny: I feel your pain. Get well wishes to you and your son.

    Panda Ninja: Thanks and glad you're not sick. Good to know you've updated your blogs.

    Emily: Me too. Flu season sucks. The flu SUCKS.

    Tara Tyler: Thank you.

    McKenzie: Good luck to your friend. Glad you're well.

    Elizabeth: Happy you're healthy. Yes recovery is good, slow but good.

  8. I've managed to avoid this illness going around. I'm so sorry you haven't felt well :(

    Thanks SO MUCH for the book. I'm super excited to read it!


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