Fairy Tales are Stupid Series

The fairy tales you have been told as a child are false. How could a normal girl survive in the belly of a wolf? Do Snow White and Sleeping Beauty seem a bit similar to you? Peter is a hero who chopped off a man's hand for sport. Really? And just also happens to stay young forever in Neverland. These convenient tales are fabrications to cover the real story. In ten tales fairy tale characters will reveal the truth behind these false tales with convenient happily ever afters. Read more here.

First Four

1. The Evil Red Witch - The Truth about Little Red Riding Hood

2. The Unlucky Merman - Thought The Little Mermaid was a girl? Wait til you read this.

3. Betraying Rumple - Did anyone ever hear of a deal being a deal?

4. Waking Ugly - Sleeping Beauty Uncovered!

Credit: SDRandCo
I am hoping to release the first book at some point in 2015. Fingers crossed.

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