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Monday, 8 May 2017

Monday MishMash: May 2017

Monday Mishmash is a weekly meme created by Kelly Hashway for sharing what's going on in your life and noggin. You just grab a button and post your business...I mean thoughts online. No biggie. Have fun!

1. I bought four paperbacks Sunday. Sorry, I mean three paperbacks and one hardback. I'm back in the paper buying business! Though technically I did buy two last month. But now it's really official. Still, have a love for e-books but....

2. Getting back in the writing trenches this week. Slid last week but I'm back.

3. Hopefully, will see two movies this week in theaters. Especially Fast 8 and GOTG2. Or something else and save GOT2 for later (it will hold unlike Beauty and the Beast. Guess Jamaica really didn't like the 'gay moment' and booted it out quickly. Sigh. I really wanted to see it in theaters.). But I'm going out!

4. Been winning a few Amazon Gift Cards. Thinking of going Prime.

5. Looking forward to each day and being grateful for all that I've got.

6. Read and write more.

7. Watch up House of Cards so I'll be ready for Season 5. Billions put me back on the board!! Plus that cool teaser for HOC was pure genius Netflix. I'm needed!

Thanks for stopping by everybody.


  1. Go see both Furious and Guardians! They are excellent and a heck of a lot of fun.
    My wife has Amazon Prime and it's worth it.

  2. I love Prime. It's expensive, but knowing I can buy a $4 item and not pay shipping is worth it. I also love that everything arrives in two days.

  3. we almost don't even have hardbacks here, too expensive for poor beggars :) Most of our books are published in pocket paperback editions.

  4. Glad you're getting back into your writing. Hope you enjoy your books. I still really like print books too.

  5. I'm sure there are a lot of movies and shows that don't make it there for that reason then since it's now seeped into just about everything.

    I almost bought a print book recently. Almost!

  6. I haven't seen GOTG2, but I did like Fast 8. I had my doubts, but it was good. Yay for getting back to your writing!

  7. Yay to getting into the writing swing. I need to shove myself in that direction a little harder. And yay to paperbacks. . .especially hardbacks. Which ones did you get? (curious :) )

  8. You know, I have a really hard time with print books lately. They add a good half hour to hour to my reading time. Page flipping is time consuming, eh?

  9. Amazon Gift Cards? Well, good for you :)


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