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Monday, 10 April 2017

Getting Personal: Thanks for the advice...but no

I am a frank person. Sure I'm shy and hopefully fun when I can be. But I'm likely to either give you the truth or just walk away. If you want someone to tell you a bunch of fairy tales, that's not me. Not that I just go around spouting 'my truth' everywhere. I know when something is none of my business and stay out of it. However, I've noticed that on some topics that I've come out strongly about. There are some comments saying that I should either not post that way or consider the risk of losing or limiting a future as a published author. Now I know some are just trying to give honest advice and I respect that. But the answer is a strong no.

When I made this blog. I had no idea that I'd have all kinds of people visiting and me visiting them back for years to come. Hell, I even lost touch with one of my first blog visitors but then got back in touch with them when they restarted their blog and I also discovered their twitter. This blog has been great to me and almost every visitor, a pleasure. However, there are times when I'll discuss a hard topic or do a rant. When I rant I do ensure to let people know so they have the option to read or not. I just think it's good to let people go on with eyes wide open. Of course the same goes for me as well. 

Also, I know of many authors who defy the rules of not talking politics, respecting opinions and so forth. And these people have great careers and when you hear their stories, they've been hard from the get. Sure not every publisher will take on such an individual but a lot do. There's a YA author who told a parent on online that she was born without. The parent had found her site and criticized her for how she 'acted' at the airport. This author didn't give a hoot and she's 100% traditionally published and has been outspoken and even rude for the longest time. She doesn't care what anyone thinks and still got her agent and publishing deals. You can scroll back to see her online history of I don't care. It's there and she clearly has no fears. Now if she's fine then I feel pretty good about my chances. 

So I'm just going to post my thoughts and opinions. People are free to agree or disagree with me. I'm fine with that. You will never get shunned or burned for just being honest. Being flippant is another story and sadly I ended communication with one blogger a while back. But trust me it was for saying something super out of touch. It never happens with my regular readers. Anyway thanks for stopping by and always stay true to yourself and listen to the thoughts of others. See you Wednesday.


  1. I think you should say what you want. That's the beauty of our country--our First Amendment Rights. Just because you are an author does not mean that you can't express your feelings.

  2. Your blog, your Facebook page, your Twitter account, are all your domain. You should feel confident to say whatever you like. People seem not to be able to read something and walk away should they not agree with it - everything has to be argued :-(

  3. I say good for you! I do pretty much the same thing and I've lost some followers, but gained a respect from others. To me, self-expression is a big part of what blogging is about. Blogging about books, pets, self, or whatever is fine and it gives us a peek into that blogger's life, but often we are left with just something kind of hollow or self-indulgent. Engaging others to exchange ideas about our opinions versus theirs can be daring and risky in some ways, but honesty and openness to me is a good thing. Getting to know the deeper feelings and philosophies can involve a lot of growth on both sides.

    AS long as you are honest, respectful, and open in what you present I don't see any problem with bringing controversy to your blog. If you're cussing, ranting, railing, and being insulting to others then that I think is a problem unless that's part of your schtick. But when the blogger is willing to discuss, engage in diplomatic debate, and offer genuine self-revelation of inner thoughts then I'm willing to encourage that and become part of that discussion.

    In my opinion, it's not what you say on your blog, but how you say it. You're doing fine as far as I'm concerned.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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