Monday, 26 November 2012

Sacrifice Series: Official Release dates and Mock Covers

Yes readers after a lot of hopping around I have finally settled on the official dates for the first four books in The Sacrifice Series. I have made enough time to both promote and ensure all novellas as spit shine polished by the time they're published. Now you'll see the final dates and the series will have ten novellas in all. The books will all have two commonalities. They're under thirty or twenty thousand words and each has a different teen(s)  in a situation that will have them being sacrificed if they don't defy it or try to escape.

Sacrifice Her: May 2013

The Choice: June 2013

For My Country: Early July 2013

Healing Bitsy: Mid July 2013

So those are the dates. But that's not all, below is the mock cover for book one's Sacrifice Her. All mock covers were created with free images from Stock Free Images.

See? Hope you like it. I'm not revealing the true cover until late January 2013.

But I will show you something fun. Elizabeth Seckman who won my Blogoversary had her story idea become book 4 in The Sacrifice Series. Not only does it have a title now but I found an image perfect for the mock cover. In fact I think this could be a real cover for a book. It is so beautiful. You be the judge.

This is just my starting point. I'll have what I'll officially put on the cover released when I start releasing the other covers in February next year.


  1. Congratulations on setting your release dates!!

  2. I needed that warm fuzzy on a post holiday Monday! Thanks Sheena-kay. Hugs to you fabulous lady!

  3. So excited! Now it feels real, I bet. :)

  4. So stoked for you, Sheena! And go Liz! I think it rocks. :D

  5. this is fantastic! and i love that picture! mesmerizing!

  6. WOW! You are so organized and on the ball! Exciting about the release dates and love the mock cover. Gorgeous!

  7. Aren't mock-up covers fun? I make mine early, too. They're so inspirational! :)

  8. wow, congrats girl! looks like you know what you're doing!!

  9. Wow, that's so awesome! Both of them are beautiful!

  10. Yay! How exciting! Both of the mock covers look great, can't wait to see the final version!


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