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Rachael Becoming Red: The Backstory

Rachael Becoming Red is book 1 in the Red Series. In this ebook Rachael is an eleven year girl living with the loss of her family in Kare, a religious forest village. She finds out their real cause of death when she meets Terry. A man who leads T.O. (The Organization), an agency that fights paranormal and supernatural elements deemed dangerous. Even humans who allied with them could be arrested. Rachael turns down an offer to join because she didn't want to leave Kare. Her guardian Amanda has a negative confrontation with Terry and from then on they're openly bitter enemies. How can Rachael choose between staying where she's always been or moving to the unknown to avenge her family and save others from the same fate? Also, what of Kare's secrets and is her own giardian Amanda what she seems. The truth will both open her eyes and strengthen or break a little girl's heart.

Rachael Wood: An eleven year old redhead whose life is turned upside down when she finds out her family was murdered by werewolves. Not an animal attack.

Quote: I loved them...I want the monster who killed my family dead. I want them all dead. (says to Terry)

Terry: A man in his late thirties. He leads the T.O. an organization that eliminates paranormal and supernatural beings deemed a threat. He wants to recruit Rachael to help her avenge the murder of her parents. But he seems to have a deeper agenda and her guardian Amanda hates him on sight.

Quote: Don't know why you're alone with a strange man at nighttime. Where I'm from such silly little girls don't last long. (says to Rachael)

Amanda: A blonde woman who befriended Rachael before the death of her family. She takes Rachael in and raises her as her own. She's a woman who lives outside the norms of Kare but goes along with some rules to keep Rachael. She warns Rachael to stay away from Terry but is there more to their anger than meets the eye? And is Kare where they truly first meet each other?

Quote: You stay away from Rachael and never address me again! Get out! (shouts at Terry)

Duncan Clay: An important man in Kare. He wants Rachael to marry his son Paul. He's a holy man but can be quite domineering and scary if things don't go his way.

Quote: You should be grateful God spared Rachael for you. Apologize and talk to her, not about your incompetence at accepting a girl might actually marry you. (says to Paul)

Paul Duncan: A sickly short little boy. He's shy but a lot of girls want him for his father's family name. He speaks honesty about his feelings for Rachael and pays the price.

Quote: I don't like her. (Responds to his father's demands)

That's it for this exclusive peek into Rachael Becoming Red. You can check more tidbits on twitter with hashtags #RedSeries and #RachaelBecomingRed. Thank you for stopping by and remember to check out the Red Series Page before you go.

Bonus: If you enjoyed the Hunger Game Trilogy check out these novels. I'm seeing the movie tomorrow.

Also I posted earlier today on the death of Trayvon Martin. Click here to read.


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  1. This post was very well done. I liked how you explained the characters and gave them each a quote from the book which shows us there voice.

    Very, very cool.


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