Sunday, 15 January 2012

God is Good

I watched two gospel programs that epitomized what I'm currently experiencing with my writing and also my life. God speaks to us in mysterious ways and I could feel that he was using these preachers to tell me that everything would be alright and the changes I needed to make in my life.

On Joel Olsteen (on Daystar -660- at 1pm), the pastor spoke about Christians being blessed under God. That we had huge reserves of favour. We only had to have faith no matter the circumstances. He spoke of Job, who never cursed God during his terrible trials. The faithful servant of God was later rewarded as many have read in the bible. Pastor Olsteen also spoke about a true miracle where a woman was rescued after her car went underwater. A man dived in and got her out but all the car doors and windows were still locked. She couldn't get out, yet somehow this man who dived in found her. No one could explain how it happened. Joel have credit to the favour of God and I agree completely.

I took from the televised service that God had favour over me. It gave me solace since I still carried some guilt over not publishing my ebook in January. Everything will work out and God will bless me for my efforts. You never achieve anything through despair or giving up. It's by keeping your head up and persevering. To be a published author is a dream of mine. I'm already a published writer with published poetry in the literary supplement Bookends and articles both online and in newspapers.

The next program I saw was The Potter's Touch with Pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes. I had changed the station around 1:32pm to BET Gospel (659). He spoke of life taking shifts and that we need to be ready for change. I was definitely readying myself for a shift of going to church again and being an indie author (among other things). This service touched me and I really believe I was told to get ready for a change in my life during the coming months.

Sunday has been a good day. I plan to do some serious rewrites tomorrow and will not allow my novel to be delayed beyond February.

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