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Monday, 9 January 2017

Netflix Nation: Trollhunters, Underworld Awakening, Van Helsing and Shadowhunters

Before I start I want to drop a quick thank you to all who were supportive on my friend's only Facebook post over the weekend. I had a hard time dealing with some financial set backs thanks to both health and freelance sales drop issues. It was great to see all the support that poured in. It is great to know when my cheer leading pep starts to dim...I have such lovely live pick me ups. Thanks.

Anyway unto another segment of Netflix Nation. Today I'm chatting about the latest shows I have watched on Netflix.

Watch period: December 17, 2016 - January 8, 2017

Honorable Mention: Re-watching Once Upon a Time Season 5, Teen Wolf Season 3 and last 3 episodes of The Shannara Chronicles.

Trollhunters (Netflix Series)

I had genuine fun with this one. Voiced by the late Anton Yelchin, Jim is a teenager who suddenly got tasked with the role of Troll Hunter. The first human who has to protect both humans and trolls a like from the evil of their kind. The evil trolls come in various forms and some are quite deadly. Add in the drama of the previous troll hunter's son being furious at not getting the mantle, you have one fun show to fill in your animated Netflix space. This is part fantasy, part action adventure, a mix of teen angst and a healthy dash of soap opera. Trust me when one of your enemies is making moves on your mother, that is a page right out of soap opera play book. But I won't spoil the show for you. There's enough butt kicking action and ridiculous new names and phrases to stick your tongue at. Guillermo Del Toro helped create an interesting world.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (4 on Netflix)

UnderWorld: Awakening (Movie)

Watched this last night only to prepare myself to watch Underworld: Bloodwars later this month. Tried on cable and it was unwatchable (barely looked for 10 min). With Netflix I'm able to pause and gauge myself. I enjoyed the first two Underworld movies and thought the third was decent. None of them are made to be the gold standard of cinema but they each have their charm. Sadly this movie in comparison lost a lot of it. Part of the reason I got into it was because it was so long since I've watched this series. I plan to marathon it at some point soon but on a whole this movie is only for those with nostalgia for the series or willing to try something new with no set expectations.

(My) Netflix Rating: 2 Stars

My Frank Rating: 1 Star (seriously, it was just such a nasty set up. Sci-fi time jump was stupid)

Van Helsing (Series)

In my anger about Dominion being cancelled on SYFY, I had no intention on supporting them much if at all. I decided to give this a shot out of curiosity. On a whole it is a crappy show with engaging characters. The actors save this dumpster fire by making you interested in what happens next. Aside from that it is just a cheap SYFY show to grab people's attention. Thank God they still have 12 Monkeys to try and pretend they make much more than schlock on that channel. Everything looks cheap and super low budget. Some scenes could be better done in fan made movies. Oh you want the plot? Van Helsing rip off staring a female version who just happened to be born when volcanic ash blocks the skies and lets vampires go out into the open. Yes I'm serious about that being the plot. Oh and she awakens from a coma and needs to find her daughter. Talk about sticking to the shallow end.

Rating: *Laughs* An old peanut - 1/2 Star for catching my interest to watch a whole season

Shadowhunters (Netflix and Freeform Series)

Oh heavens. How did I get addicted to this show? So much I find ridiculous but I had to watch Season 2 episode one soon after it hit Netflix. Why? Because I got dragged in that's why! Too many of us Mortal Instruments fans just wanted them to do a damn show already. The movie that stuck partly to the book tanked so instead we have this insane mash up. Still I am watching and enjoying it as I rebuke myself for watching such a ridiculous thing. But damn I'm having fun and want to re-watch some episodes from Season 1. Gone far since episode one where I left half way because I felt like I was getting an ulcer. Quite a spin you guys did with a Netflix drop that got me back in small doses. There is definitely some dark magic going on. Help me!

Netflix Rating: 2 Stars but I'm not to be trusted

So what do you think? Have you watched any of these shows? Do you have any recommendations on what I should watch next? Let me know! Thanks for coming by guys and I'll be announcing the winners of the Thank You giveaway Friday. God Bless. See you Wednesday. For real.


  1. I was interested in Trollhunters but not sure if I wanted to devote time to it. I think I might, reading your review.

    Also, I got a friend into the Shannara Chronicles. They seem to like it, I like it, it's now something we can watch together! Hooray! :)

  2. Sorry, not on Facebook, or you know I'd be there.
    Haven't seen Trollhunters yet, so thanks for the review.
    Think you'll like Blood Wars more. It returns to the bigger picture and scope of vampires and werewolves fighting.
    As much as I love Kate and my wife likes Hugh, I don't think we could sit through Van Helsing again...

  3. Wow, I really need to watch more shows. Or not. I've only seen the Underworld movie out of all of those. Funny, I like paranormal and even write it, but I'm not into paranormal shows.

  4. Sorry I missed the Facebook post. I didn't get on it this weekend. I'm like Diane. I need to get on Netflix way more.

    1. I used to almost never use my Netflix account as well. I get it. I know you'd be there Natalie. Thanks for coming.

  5. yes, I've opted out of watching Van Helsing and Shadowhunters once we've seen the cheap ass trailers. I probably should watch Shadowhunters since I'm one of Casandra's translators, but there ain't enough money that would make me watch that lemonade of a show :)
    Dominion had such a stupid ending, but they really did not have any substantial plot, it was chaotic. I do miss my love Tom Wisdom, from it (the darling boy follows me at Twitter and lurvs me so).

    1. I wish Dominion was on a better network that would have pushed for better quality. It was a top show by SYFY standards though. It was fun for me. Yes those trailers were not anything to love at all. Awww, Tom sounds like a sweet heart. Thanks for pooping in Dez.

    2. forgot to tell you that I got Aveyard's King's Cage last week, I'm translating it now, oh, my it is beyond godawful, her style is borderline illiterate

  6. I'm so not Netflix savvy! Are some of those movies? I liked the Van Helsing movie with Hugh Jackman & Kate Beckinsdale - did they make a series from it? i can understand why a series would fall short... and same with Troll Hunters - was that a movie? I find it strangely coincidental how a theme of movies comes out at the same time - do you think they get leaked to each other? and since they take so long to create and put out, it's easy to see them trying to one up each other or take away from the other or ride the other's coattails...

    thanks for the reviews! so helpful on what to look for (or stay away from!)
    and thanks for supporting my cradle rock release tour!! happy 2017!

  7. I didn't know Shadowhunters was on Netflix, I've been watching it on Hulu but I too, have been sucked in by it and it is surprisingly both cheesy and addicting.

  8. I stopped watching Shadowhunters. It was too...I don't even know what to call it. LOL

  9. Haha You don't want an ulcer! I don't watch much serial TV (even streaming) since I just don't have the time, but I was a little intrigued when I saw Shadowhunters had been made into a series. If they've messed with the books too much, I think I'll pass.

    I hope things on other fronts improve for you, hon! *hugs*

  10. It's funny how different people's opinions can be, because I loved Underworld Awakening. :P

  11. Trollhunters is the one I've got ready to watch when I get chance. Good to know it is fun.

  12. I am so far behind on TV shows. I never have time. But if you haven't seen Stranger Things, I highly recommend it.

  13. You're way ahead of us. Course, I have to wait until we come down to Bucerias because we don't have unlimited internet in Canada. I know, barbaric! I'm patiently waiting for the next season of Jessica Smith, Bloodline, and Suits.

  14. Hi Sheena-kay. It's terrifying how addictive Netflix is. I haven't watched any of your shows, but as you read on a recent post of mine, I've been bingeing on The Good Wife, House of Cards and several thrillers. The Killing is the best thriller series I've watched for some time. I stayed up til late each night. I only watch Netflix late at night when I'm too brain dead to write, then I don't feel I'm wasting time.

    Have a great week and I hope some of those finances have worked themselves out. If not, I hope you have faith that they will. :-)

  15. Wow, after reading your post I'm thinking that I really need to watch more shows :D
    Thanks for sharing such good inspiration!
    Amazing blog you have here!

  16. Happy New Year, Sheena!! Thanks for sharing the 'must watch' shows/films. Have a super year - may it be filled with success, good health and bucket loads of laughter (always good for the soul :)). Take care.

  17. I only ever watch the news...must get a life soon :) thanks for the pointers.

  18. I don't dare subscribe to Netflix. I'm afraid I'd be sucked into so many interesting series. I always enjoy learning what movies and books fellow bloggers find interesting.


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