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Friday, 18 March 2016

Movie Love: My Movie Plans

With no need for explaining my Movie Love segment involves the love of movies. Mostly I review and share my thoughts on a theatrically released movie. Over time my reviews have become a bit more colorful and fun though I'll still have that formal amateur critic side ready to drop some serious thoughts. For example my How To Train Your Dragon 2 review took a serious look at how the beauty of a movie can hide some too easily missed flaws. While my recent Deadpool review mostly focused on the fun insanity of the movie over a detailed breakdown of the sum of it's parts.

Now I plan to continue to diversify this segment by including movies that I have seen outside the theater including a Crouching Tiger: Sword of Destiny review next week which will combine both my serious and fun reviewing style. I have really come to love this segment as have my readers who leave positive comments showing how much they have enjoyed some aspect of these posts.

Today there won't be a review but a listing of movies I plan to see in theaters. As you know best laid plans don't always work out. Like me missing Zootopia Tuesday but thankfully a last minute addition on Friday by one of the local theaters has allowed me to see it without having to pay an arm and a leg for 3D regular price. With my budget 3D is especially a half-off event with rare exceptions and I do that once a week since the only other weekly half off is in the night and I already had an experience once of having my father picking me up last year because the movie started late and by the time it was finished the buses had stopped running at their 11:00 pm time. Never again. Only do night time on weekends when there is a guaranteed ride available to me. Besides I like afternoon and early evening showings over nighttime anyway.

So on with my Movie Plans/Wishlist


Zootopia - Seeing this today and so pumped! Feeling well so no delays so far.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant - Already know this might not be so great but I want to drop a little support for the movie franchised I abandoned by not going to see Insurgent. No regrets there.

Batmam v Superman: Dawn of Justice - (Warning. Below is a bit of a rant, no it's a rant)

At first I was planning to see this full priced. Sadly a lot of negative talk (mainly from so called fans whining at everything even slightly questioning the movie and vomiting it all over the internet) and a tweet from someone involved with EW magazine (which I found offensive) has turned me off doing so. Might sound a bit petty but I'm very particular with my cash and when someone states that you should not bother go see this movie if you did not like Man of Steel and also suggests that means 'said people' also don't like dark gritty films, that's a slap in the face for me.

 Sometimes a movie just isn't that good and while I respect the fact that there are people who love MOS, I'm one of those who didn't. Not because it was dark but because I felt there was no story, the supporting cast were better actors than the main cast and I just was not into it.

But I love gritty movies with a passion and with superhero movies The Dark Knight is right up there. All this smart aleck has done is made people like me wary of spending full price opening night on a movie that is a huge event. One I will not be seeing opening night but on a half off one instead. Nice job twitter idiot.

And no I don't care who thinks I'm mean. When you decide to tweet an early mini review of a movie you need to pick your words carefully and suggesting someone not liking a movie is reason not to see another one with little explaining is just poor thinking. Especially with Batman vs, Superman not being an origin superhero story. Even Snyder said you can watch it without watching MOS. I still believe it will be really good but I'm too jaded now to put up full dollar.


Miracles from Heaven - I have not seen a Christian movie in theaters since.... Yeah I love the story line and as long as nothing convinces me this movie is horrible I'm lining up to catch it when it reaches Jamaica.

The Jungle Book - I had to be a convinced a bit but I now want to see this latest version

Hardcore Henry - A huge MAYBE.

The Huntsman: Winter's War: I have to see this!!!!!

Keanu: Oh I really want to see this movie. The trailer was a combination of laughter, insanity and cuteness.


Captain America: Civil War: Opening NIGHT!!!!!!

Angry Birds: I got converted thanks to a cute Easter Trailer and a twitter happy Josh Cohen. :)

X-Men: Apocalypse: I must admit a lot of the initial excitement is DOA for me but I'm still somewhat excited to see this movie. Big x-men fan and I'm not missing this one.

Alice: Through the Looking Glass: Actually looking forward to this a bit more than X-men. *Gasp*


Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children: Saw the trailer Tuesday and I'm hooked!!! All the way over in September but I don't care. Will get the books in paperback some point in April.

There are more of course but that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and I'll do my blog reading and responding after returning from my afternoon watching of Zootopia. :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone and remember a certain reveal come Monday.


  1. You're going to really enjoy Zootopia.
    I'm a DC fan, so I have to go opening day to see Batman v Superman. It will lead into Justice League movies, and that I am REALLY stoked about.
    After that, Civil War, because it looks beyond awesome.

  2. I only want to see HUNTSMAN from your list. Haven't seen the new CROUCHING TIGER, hope it is not as bad as the trailer looked! I might download it sometime.

  3. The new Crouching Tiger is supposed to be REALLY bad.

    I love Captain America! He's my favorite superhero.

  4. I can't to hear what you think of all these movies!

  5. Great list. You're going to be busy! These days we mostly just end up watching pay-per-view movies. We talk about going to the movies, but it's so much nicer to watch at home in our PJs with the dog than sitting in a theater with the person behind you kicking your chair! (Not to mention, MUCH cheaper.)

  6. I watch zootopia and really its so interesting and adventure animation movie. Now in these days I am so excited to watch deadpool 2 new upcoming movie I had already Watch Deadpool 2 online and really enjoy the trailer. Now I am waiting for the movie.


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