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Monday, 7 March 2016

Monday Mishmash: March 2016 Edition

Monday Mishmash is a weekly meme sharing your thoughts and happenings. You just grab a button and create your post. Sure I guess I write it differently from most but moving on...

Hi I'm back again for another MishMash. I had mistakenly said Getting Personal was coming Monday. Sorry but that's Wednesday with the delayed Deadpool post coming tomorrow. Anyway on with what I'll be tackling this week.

1. More March Madness. I am a little stuck on the children story I'm doing along with the YA novel but all the basic ideas ate there.

2. Going to the dentist for a filling.

3. Freelance work. At least it is a bit less heavy which will give me a bit of my own writing time back.

4, Possibly seeing a movie in theaters this week or next Tuesday.

5. Looking over some fan fiction. Yes I love writing all the time. Well not ALL the time but still...

6. Blogging. :)

Sending my love and best wishes to all of you. God be with you and enjoy your day.


  1. God be with you!
    Sorry about the filling.
    Looking forward to your post on Deadpool. Don't know what movie you're seeing next, but I recommend Zootopia.

  2. Happy Monday! Sorry about the dentist but enjoy the movie.

  3. Yikes about the dentist. Good luck with the story! And have a terrific week. (Love that quote, btw!)

  4. I had a filing recently and will need another. *sigh* I hate it. Hope it goes well!

  5. we do love visits to the dentist! Mine is a hot one : )

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