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Friday, 28 February 2014

Express Yourself Meme, Celebration and Stuff and Goal Drain

The TV Show I could be in as myself would be Grimm and what do I bring to the table. My writing and research skills. I would take up 'residency' in the trailer and help compile the mounds of books into easier to search files and also with my job being online at home be able to move around without too many questions being asked. I'd be the happy loner who loves to read and has a secret crush on Monroe while helping Nick 'The Grimm' do research on the creatures he has to stop and be able to send out warnings if anyone unusual starts coming around the trailer.

Besides who wouldn't want a chance to play a character on Grimm? Even if I can't kick butt (unless someone comes at me, watch out), I can write a mean story, do research and give advice during nice long chats. A very useful quality if I say so myself.

1. I purchased a copy of A Journey Begins by Cambria Harrington last night. If you remember on my Wednesday post I mentioned her and suggested you guys check out the interview she did. I plan to read the book over the weekend and see what talent this fourteen year old author really has. I'm glad to support a teen's writing dream and hope others take the opportunity. In two days the book goes from 99 cents for the kindle back to $2.99. So get your copy fast if you want to get a great deal.

2. I loved this week's Express Yourself Meme question. I have to say before that if I imagined myself on Grimm, I would give myself some kind of ability. But this week's question got me thinking of my own real lufe qualities and they aren't half bad. Thank you Dani for helping host such a fun meme.

3. I have my theme down for the A-Z Challenge. Just need to complete the posts. But I will be done in time.

4. Pseudo celebrating my blogging break next week (minus cover reveal for Kyra). I still want to blog but I need the break to recharge my batteries and focus more on writing (including my writing gig, laptop, you will soon be mine).

5. Realizing the inflammation in my left thumb and index finger wasn't from a bug bite but inflammation. Yay internet. Now instead of spending almost $700 JA Dollars on bug cream. I can instead spend $105 on over the counter aspirin so the Ibuprofen can get rid of the swelling. Been working over the past two days, only my thumb left. Yay, seriously please go away swelling.

6. Going to see the Lego Movie on Saturday. This somebody is going with nobody. And it will be AWESOME! And I won't have a certain someone telling me about weight and eating...whatever. I'm going to the movies y'all! I'm eating theatre food. Not popcorn, the kernels hurt my throat. Sorry but I have to particular and hope the type is kind to my swallowing when I pop them in my mouth. Boy do I sound like a sissy.

7. Ghostwriting gig is bringing some dough! Thanks to this I get to go to the movies 100% on my own dime and don't need to ask for a pick up. Yup I'm taking the bus to and back with my own cash money. Trust me, this is big for me. No begging, I mean asking for rides home in advance to save money or my fear of travelling after dark. Well, more of a dislike. Plus The Lego Movie has a 2:30 pm showing at Palace Cineplex so I can get home before dark. Yay!

Goal Drain

Do You Have Goals? Bloghop is a monthly hop hosted by Misha. Each month you state the progress of a goal you submitted to the hop for the year or whichever period you choose to complete it in.

My AYA goal has taken a backseat this month. Sorry but between my ghost writing gig, saving for a laptop before April, plans to have Monster City MG ready for October and writing Beseech's first five chapters....I have not done much of anything this month. I plan to start the AYA blog in March and continue again with the novella I have planned for this new genre. That's all I can handle right now.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and see you soon.


  1. I just watched the trailer of Grimm and I'm definitely going to start watching the show, it looks good. Great to hear your ghostwriting is paying off, that's gotta feel good. Enjoy the Lego movie, I still have to wait a while before I can see it over here. Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Sounds like you're getting some stuff done, Sheena. Enjoy your time off and the movie!

  3. Sometimes you need to postpone big goals in order to get them done.

    Best of luck for March!

  4. Cool you're making money as a ghostwriter!
    Sorry about your hand. At least the remedy is cheaper.

  5. Good luck writing your posts, I still have to do mine, too. Have fun seeing the lego movie!

  6. I've never seen Grimm. I am horribly behind on everything. Pooh on whoever gives you thunder for enjoying a snack. I grew up in a weight obsessed family, so I feel your pain. :(
    Hope your thumb feels better!

  7. It's so awesome you are making money with the ghostwriting gig. Congrats! And enjoy the Lego movie!

  8. You sound busy. Good luck with everything!

  9. You sound like a very busy lady. I watched Grimms first season. Time to get back to it. Good Luck with your goals.

  10. How awesome to be making some money - and yay to LEGO movie off the back of it. The Ghostwriting sounds fun!

  11. So cool to make money on a ghostwriting gig! And going to the movies and eating movie theatre food! Woot!

    I hope your thumb gets back to normal soon!

  12. Yikes, sounds to me like you've got more than enough on your plate! At least you are making great strides in general creative directions. ;)

  13. Yikes, sounds to me like you've got more than enough on your plate! At least you are making great strides in general creative directions. ;)

  14. Think how wonderful it will feel to have that laptop in your hands :)

  15. Glad the swelling is getting better.

    I'd love to be in that trailer, preferably with a decent translator! (I don't read German nearly well enough to decode most of those books.)

  16. of course youd be on grimm, you are the Queen! of fairy tales!!

    happy monday!

  17. Imagining you in Grimm. Very interesting young lady.

  18. Good luck on your A-to-Z posts, recharging and the writing!!


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