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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Special Feature: Cambria's Interview and Blogging Break

Sorry no book review today but I will suggest you go check out Cambria Harrington Interview. She is a teen author of A Journey Begins which is the first book in an exciting series. In Cambria's own words the novel is about: It's a story about four teenagers whose parents sacrificed everything so their children would grow up to be powerful magicians strong enough together to defeat the Dark King. To find out more go see the rest of the interview and show some support for a young burgeoning author.

Source: Carool @ Morguefile

On another note I will be on a short blogging break as of March 1st and will not be returning until March 10. With one exception. Kyra Lennon plans to have a cover reveal next week and I will post the reveal when it comes out. So aside from sharing Kyra's reveal, after Friday (February 28) I won't be posting until Monday March 10. Enjoy your day everyone and remember that the A-Z Challenge is less than 2 months away.


  1. Yes, I like this theme for teens!

  2. I hope you have an amazing break and come back ready to conquer the world!

  3. Everyone needs a break! (And it's a short break!) And I love the theme too... sounds like a fabulous read. :)

  4. Enjoy your time off! Hope you are doing something fun.

  5. Enjoy your break! A-Z is definitely worth resting up for. :)

  6. Will miss reading you those two weeks. I love the sound of this book. :)


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