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Monday, 10 December 2012

The Mating Game Bloghop: Escaping Wonderland

Today Victoria Smith and company are hosting The Mating Game Bloghop. I'll be using my WIP Escaping Wonderland. How this came out is a funny story. I started Nano with Gold who was a stripper running away to Wonderland along with Wolf and The Mad Hatter. But due to a fall, illness and computer trouble I had a lot of drawbacks and ended up not reaching my Nano goal. During that time I started to realize though that there were things I didn't like about the story including the fact that Hatter's issues were eclipsing Gold's. So by December I decided to make some changes and in a few days I decided to split the idea into two different novels. Escaping Wonderland and Gold. Gold now had Gold (Goldilocks) running away but not to Wonderland and Escaping Wonderland gets Hatter but it's his son who is on the run with Alice.

Now back to the bloghop. I will be using my starring characters Alice and the Hatter's son Max Hatter to answer the judge's five questions. They were almost a couple when Max's father betrayed her to The Queen of Hearts. Escaping Wonderland starts with Alice breaking out of prison just before her execution and going on the run with Max.

Question 1: Tell us about a memorable experience you shared together.

Alice: Wow um....there's quite a couple. I guess if you want lovey dovey stuff then it was when I wasn't a fugitive. Um...Max, his father and I were at The Grand Tea Party where we were celebrating the anniversary of The Mad Hatter's business. Max and I were laughing up a storm and held hands a lot. We weren't official and I hadn't yet decided if I was going to stay in Wonderland forever or go home. It was perfect. Then the queen's guards ran in and I got arrested. *Sigh* Learned quickly that The Mad Hatter had agreed to let Wonderland's ruler arrest me for treason.

Max: That was a horrible memory.

Alice: Well Mr. Perfect share yours.

Max: Okay. It was at night and we were watching the frogs do their symphony on the lily pads under stars. You were so perfect in the blue dress I'd bought for you. While we listened to the music I couldn't help but stare. The light from the moon and the stars gave your blonde hair an ethereal quality. You glowed and I couldn't stop watching that glow. And that was the first time I took your hand in mine. Really took your hand in mine and when you finally turned, you went red and pulled away. It was sweet.

Alice: Oh.

Question 2: What would your character do if the one they wanted was terrified of their feelings and pushed them away?

Max: Guess this is my question. (Alice rolls eyes) After my father betrayed Alice our budding relationship hit a brick wall. Though we're together again, it's not the same. Alice won't open up her heart again but I won't stop. I'll help her go home and both along the way and there I'll do everything possible to earn back her trust and hopefully later, her heart. If I have to die to save her, I will. I love her.

Question 3: What is one of the roadblocks standing in the way of you getting together?

Alice and Max: The Queen of Hearts a.k.a. The Red Queen.

Max: Red Queen is her execution nickname.

Alice: Well you answered the last one so it's my turn. The Queen of Hearts wants me dead because I'm the saviour for Wonderland. As long as I'm alive her rule is threatened. Also The Hatters are a powerful family with the first born sons having the ability to teleport between worlds and on rare occasions bring something over from somewhere else. Me and Max possible getting together has her mind brimming with crazy theories and she'll rather kill Max, the last living oldest son in the family line than risk me getting a chance to use the power against her. Short story, she's nuts.

Question 4: So, how would how would your characters describe the other person, using only one word at a time? 

Alice: Um...Helpful?

Max: Seriously? Beautiful.

Alice: Brave.

Max: Amazing.

Alice: Arrogant.

Max: Jaded.

Alice: *growls* Handsome.

Max: *beams* Extraordinary.

Alice: *smiles* Devoted.

Max: Loyal.

Alice: *voice cracks* Loyal.

Alice: Loving.


Question 5: What was the first thing your main characters noticed about each other?

Alice: Yeah...I don't like remembering when I first came here. Now all the can think about is how...

Max: Fine I'll answer first. You were a bit disheveled.

Alice: I had just came through a wormhole from a hat!

Max: Portal. You were disheveled for company with the Hatters but you were also beautiful and the moment I saw you I knew you were special. But again you were a mess when you arrived.

Alice: Well..I noticed that you wore a an old guy.

Max: That's so not what you thought! I was only telling the truth.

Alice: Fine. I saw a teenager in a suit starting at me. I noticed you were...handsome and looked snappily dressed. And your face had a bit of an...arrogant look.

Max: What!

Alice: Well you kind of were looking at me up and down like...

Max: But you were....

Alice: Okay! Okay! Don't say it anymore please.

Max steals a kiss on the cheek.

Alice punches him in the shoulder. Then she blushes and stiffles a giggle.

Max: You liked it.

Alice: *acting coy* Maybe.

So that's it everyone. Remember to visit the other blogs participating in this bloghop and have a nice day.


  1. Well those two certainly sound like they've had some interesting moments and I love the one he remembers. Major aww factor there. ^_^

  2. Hee hee, brilliant work, Sheena!

  3. Sweet and sarcastic ... my favorite kind of storytelling! :-) Just making my way around to my fellow hop participants and cheering them on. Loved your entry!

  4. This was fun, Sheena! What a fun hop. I love the sarcasm too. :D

  5. Cute couple! Are you a fan of the TV show Once Upon a Time? They do a cool spin on Wonderland, too :)

    1. Yes I am, I love that show. Glad you liked the couple.

  6. LOL, this made me laugh. I love it!

  7. They sound like a fun couple! And the idea for the book is so original.

  8. Oh I love the Alice and Wonderland theme!

  9. This was adorable!! Loved it :D thanks for participating!!!

  10. I missed this post before! This sounds awesome! Good luck with it!

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