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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Getting Personal: Babies

No I'm not announcing a pregnancy. I just decided to  make this the topic for this week's post. At age twenty-eight I'm single and childless. And frankly I'm not sorry or worried about it. Society often wants to make it seem that being without kids is some kind of crime against nature or that you hate children. That couldn't be further from the truth. First of all I don't want any kids right now. And second, no my mother isn't bothering me or any of my younger siblings for grandchildren. Not yet.

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In the 21st century I plan to be a woman defined by her hard work and personality. Maybe I'll never be a mother. That idea doesn't have me passing out. But what would is the thought of having an unwanted kid. I know what it's like to be born in a family where I'm the odd one out. Where my interests get blank stares or quick nods and others get the listener's full attention. Simply put I'll never have a child until I'm fully capable of taking care of him or her and I'll have to be at the stage of wanting to start a family. Right now I love looking at babies but I'm not planning on taking any home. Babies are a wonderful bundle of joy and I'll be ready for another level of love and hard work when I decide to have one. Respect to all the mothers and fathers out there taking care of their children and those who decided to forfeit that right by giving their child up for adoption. All of you are just doing your best and I congratulate you.

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Like the images? I've been getting my images exclusively from Stock Free Images since during November. I just wanted to let you know where these cute images for today's post came from. Hope you like them and have a good day and a happy holiday season.


  1. Great post, Sheena! I have huge respect for you for being so honest about this topic!

  2. People do sometimes look at those without kids and wonder. It's not that I don't like kids, I just knew I never wanted any of my own. Besides, when you don't have kids, you get to BE the kid!

  3. We all have our own time table, and that's a GREAT thing... I know for me, I never planned on having kids so early on in my life--I wanted to go on adventures, see the world! But I had a different plan, and I'm so happy with where I'm at right now. (And I'm still having adventures and seeing the world) But I know plenty of people who choose to not or can't have kids, and it's fine---what matters is that we're all doing our best, supporting each other and living the best we can. :-)

  4. I'm always looking for picture places!

    I think being honest and admitting you don't want kids is waaaaayyyy better than the millions of people who have them just because they feel compelled by some society or family pressure and then DON'T take proper care of them. Raising kids should be taken seriously and if you're not drawn to do it, then I'd say your maker has a different path He wants you to follow.

  5. and that is your choice! good for you =)
    but do tell when/if we get to see pics of a little Sheena someday!! she'll be gorgeous!

  6. Hey Sheena,
    I waited until I was good and ready before I started my family. I figured I needed to have fun and do all the adventurous stuff before settling down. Kudos to you!

  7. I agree. Having kids is a life changer, and one shouldn't do it unless they KNOW it's what they want. :)


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