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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cheers, Alex Cavanaugh Fest

On Monday December 10 I finally buckled and decided to take part in the blogfest. Moving my scheduled Fang Girl Book Blitz post to Thursday I now write this with the knowledge that everyone will know I'm probably the last person to sign on. Don't ask me why I didn't sooner. I was thinking that like a thousand people are already in this and I have just started my book touring duties for Xpresso Tours and company. But Alex has been such a driving force for so many of us. How could I not take part?

What does Alex look like?

Ninja: Mysterious man in black with his katana and ever vigilant wife by his side.

Regular: Tall, handsome every man.

Who could play Alex in a documentary?

Umm... Robert Carlyle? Yeah him.

Who does Alex remind you of?

Kakashi from Naruto. A kind bad ass ninja whose face is hidden and gives advice. Totally Alex.

Flash Fiction

A Good Woman

Alex walked into the bar with his guitar over his shoulder. Cosbolt was a quaint bar that he frequented to drink in peace and hide behind the drummer if the crowd got too grabby.

"Hey Cavanaugh, time to pay the IWSG" a voice spoke.

Alex sighed. "I'm not paying your group to play for free. You are the worst extortionist ever."

A dark skinned man built like a house grabbed Alex.

"Wife dear."

A ninja in purple stood up. "Are you touching my husband?"

"No Killer Queen!" he trembled.

"Get out of here!" she ordered.

Alex sighed in relief. "Thanks."

Leave a comment for Mrs. Cavanaugh.

Thank you so much for sharing your husband Alex with us. He's a great treat and help across the blogosphere.  Wish you both many happy years together. Oh and I featured you in my flash fiction.

Oh yeah I'm done and did it in under an hour b...I mean delightful readers. Hope you enjoy this when it goes up tomorrow and best of luck to all entrants.


  1. Hehehehe I love your entry. Killer Queen is an awesome name for his wife. Very rock and roll. :-D

  2. My wife probably could kick his butt. And I'm Dr. Rush from Stargate Universe!
    Sheena-kay, thank you for kind words. I appreciate it! Don't worry - I don't think you're last - TS and Carol haven't posted their entries yet.

  3. Nice twist on the ninja story. I think Mrs. C is Alex's sidekick.

  4. Great entry! And great idea to feature Mrs.C in the flash fic!
    Popping in from the Alexfest.

  5. I think I can go with "Rush" as Alex. Don't know why, but it kinda fits. hmmmm.

  6. Kakashi! One of my all-time favorite characters. I'd say that's the absoulte best match I've seen yet (except Alex is never late, and I'm not sure he reads books like "Makeout Paradise." Or maybe he does? Alex? LOL!

    Thank you for participating! :)

  7. Sorry it's taken me so long to get over here, but I'm glad I did. You've got a great site over here and your flash was so funny. Love Killer Queen, she sounds awesome. (:


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