Monday, 17 September 2012

Genre Favorites Blogfest

Today is Ninja Captain Alex's blogfest and I'm taking part. The Genre Favorites Blogfest  has each participant picking their favourite genre for movies, music and books.

Movie: Drama and Science Fiction. My father loves Action movies and Drama and my mother is a big Science Fiction fan. But unlike my other who also likes my other fave genre. My dad HATES science fiction with a passion. I try to get him into one now and then but it's always a big fail. Oh well, we can still watch Seinfield together. Anywho, back to my favourite movie genre. Drama just pulls me in and the fact that  it takes on real life situations is a big plus. A good drama movie has you talking about it long after the end. My favourite movie of all times is the crime-drama The Untouchables. It's just amazing. When it comes to science fiction I enjoy being taken places I've never been and can never discover outside my imagination. The Terminator is one of the best Science Fiction Movies Ever. I will not have a debate. I also enjoy watching Species over and over, which is not exactly considered the best of the alien movies but still one of my faves.

Music: This is a toughie for me. I don't have any one favourite music genre. But I will focus on the ones I listen to most. That would be Alternative, Pop and Punk Rock (Green Day all the WAY). I also enjoy local reggae but I haven't listen to a lot over the years and the over abundance of dancehall has been a turn off because over 80% of what gets most promoted is just plain slackness. In my teens rap, hip hop, reggae and pop were my favourites. But in my late teens and adulthood I had started turning away because they lost what I loved most, a powerful message. With the exception of reggae, in that category I just felt that the music played was for an older generation, not being updated fast enough for the younger ones. I still loved the classics but the ones coming out now just do the same old thing but less powerful and frankly boring. There were exceptions but exceptions don't overthrow popularity and interest. Of course Bob Marley is one of the best musicians of all time. Best Jamaican one by a landslide.

 Like I'd ever leave out Bob.

Books: My fave genre is young adult. No doubt there. And the sub genres for that would be fantasy, paranormal, and in the last two years or so, dystopia. I was first introduced to fantasy through Harry Potter. Back then I was in my early teens and a contemporary girl. The furthest I went from traditional contemporary were V.C. Andrews novels (which I still love). But as I got older fantasy took hold and then another genre popped up. Paranormal. I was seduced by the writings of vampires and ghosts. Werewolves came into the picture with Twilight and otherwise are pretty much in the movies for me. But this genre is ever evolving and with The Hunger Games and Divergent series, isn't going to lose my interest anytime soon.

Guilty Pleasure: Animated Movies. Animation is an obsession for me and I'm always looking for the next animated movie, show or series to get obsessed over. When it comes to movies I love those that  takes me into the world that it's set in. Makes me feel for the characters whether it's for their success or downfall. That's why I'm so in love with Pixar Movies. From The Incredibles to all three Toy Story Movies (was I the only one who cried during the last one). Also Japanese anime like Akira and Metropolis, two of the best anime movies ever made.

Thank you for stopping by. Also shout out to Alex for such a great blogfest idea.


  1. Excellent picks! Especially Harry Potter!

  2. Nothing wrong with animated films. Green Day, huh? Ever seen them in concert? They put on a good show.
    And my mother hates science fiction. She's never even read my books.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

  3. Animated movies are a great guilty pleasure! I still haven't seen Brave, which makes me sad, but I look forward to renting it!

  4. You have such great taste! (and I must say, the beginning of Terminator with Arnold's nude buns? Academy Award stuff right there!)

  5. I like Green Day too! And some of these animated shows are AMAZING!!! Fun list here! :D

  6. Terminator is one of my faves, too. (the original movies). Marley is another favourite.

    We just finished watching our daughter's collection of Harry Potter's dvds. We're fans now.

    1. Forgot to mention I'm stopping by on the Genre Blogfest!

  7. Species is one of those movies I'll never forget. Definitely can say I ever 'got' Seinfield, lol.

    Yeah, gotta agree that the music isn't what it was. I always say that our music must be in that 1% where you can 'sing' about drivel.

    I must be one of the few thousand people on the planet who hasn't bought into the Harry Potter series. Nothing against the books, but they don't hold my attention, but then I consider myself weird. Gimme a good romance and I'm happy.

  8. Awesome pics. Go YA!! I love my YA with a dash of paranormal too! :) Especially Harry Potter!

    And the Terminator movies are awesome!!

  9. Love all of those books! Great list!

  10. I liked reading your post on this. I also joined and just recently posted my entry for the blogfest!:)

  11. yay for your choices! all wonderful and i totally agree! terminator will always be a fave!

  12. Such great choices!! I love Species, Harry Potter, and Green Day!


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