Friday, 7 September 2012

The Truth is Revealed

So today is the day. Ready to find out what is true and what is fiction.

Fact or Fiction Part One: Fiction. I have never had such a mix up at the library. They're very good at keeping the numbers straight. I can't believe how almost everyone thought it was true. I knew doing a simple story would make the guessing harder but damn...I was way too right on this one.

Have to give a special shout out to Elizabeth Seckman who not only guessed right but also said she thought I'd mix up the bag and leave with it if it were true. While I have never left with the wrong bag (had the counter guy/girl try giving me the wrong one at stores and other places but I always was alert enough to tell them that wasn't my bg on the spot. I think it's because I'm paranoid that someone will pilferer my bag when it's out of my sight. I actually empty my bag and carry around everything with me at the library. True story. Even my books - unless it's a library book).  I did leave without my bag once. And yes it was the library and I had to turn back and get it. I didn't get too far but me and the lab tech on bag duty had a good laugh when I returned to get it.

Fact or Fiction Part Two: True. Damn I need to do more personal post. I was so worried because it dealt with submissions that everyone would guess it was true almost everyone thought it was false. Yes I was saddened about the changes at Bookends, I loved being paid for my poetry and it's hard to do that in Jamaica when you're not some literary professor or a well known 'Representative' of the Arts. I mean a lot of the famous poets out here are middle-aged! And through the magazine, I even made friends with Kezumie McKenzie, a mulit-winner of our yearly JCDC Writing contest in the poetry section. I entered in 2010 and will try again next year.

Thank you Emily and Melodie for this bloghop. Can't wait to see the winners.

Oh and lastly can anyone guess which book the line Real or Not Real comes from. All I will say is that it's a dystopian novel and that it's in book 3 of a trilogy. Not much to go on but I thought it was cool to use for the start of the Fact or Fiction Bloghop: Part 2 story. And another clue, Real or Not Real was used as a game. See you guys on Monday!


  1. WOW! I totally guessed wrong. Nice job tricking us!

  2. No idea on the line! Glad you fooled so many.

  3. Thought the mix up had to be true, but recognized the changes in Bookends are true once you mentioned them.

    P.S. They're printing a review of one of my books this weekend. It'll be good to get a Jamaican perspective on that.

  4. Woot Woot!!! I. AM. So. Freaking. Smart.

    *and it helps that I feel like we've met ;)

  5. you fooled me! nice job! it was a lot of fun!

  6. Well, both were great stories! :)


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