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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Yes! I found the perfect Song!

I went looking for a song for my Rachael becoming Red novel. I did something different from many authors. Most just create a playlist of well known songs that they couldn't possible afford to play if they decided to ask permission.

I took a different tack. Going to Jamendo I looked for songs that had creative licenses that allowed you to either play it on your website cheaply with permission or free. I found a song quickly. Paul Lisak and After the Ice - It Happens all the Time . The song is in the alternative category and has the perfect angsty style for a story about a girl who lost her family. I hope to try and contact the creators tomorrow.

I also did a lot of editing for my online store. I don't have any items on sale yet but here's the website.

This was a very productive day. Look out for my novel 'Rachael Becoming Red' on December 15, 2011 on the Kindle.

(Dec. 10, 2011) Update: Novel won't be released until January/February 2012. Still haven't gathered enough funds to get online license for song.

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