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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Breaking Dawn Mania! (Not Really)

I plan to see the latest Twilight Movie: Breaking Dawn Part 1 this weekend. I also hope to see The Muppets Movie soon, I'm sure Amanda Hocking (who is a bigger fan than I am, except with Miss Piggy. I LOVE her. Sorry Kermit) does too. Just read her blog and check out where she mentions them. She's been crazy about them since childhood.

The Twilight movie series started with the novels by Stephanie Meyer. Which for her started with a dram. She wrote a book which became a series, that turned into a world phenomenon. It's ironic how what seems so simple turns into something so amazing and ground breaking.

Some critics label these kind of books/movies as 'commercial' and ignore the literary and deep insight/beauty that was put in and is therefore evoked from these works. But what I'll counter with is that many books with this label have some of the most dedicated fan base. Their fans (I proudly include myself) will go see every movie they can and buy every book and/or merchandise they can afford. I love traditional literary books and film but sometimes the stuffiness of the industry is a big turn off. A movie or writing style/technique doesn't make you better just because of the prestige you get from critics and certain 'overlords' of the business. What truly matters is making your work well done and a joy to your fans.

I'm still working on Lyric World, my Nanowrimo novel and my upcoming ebook Rachael Becoming Red. But I have to take time to go out and enjoy myself. I might be living with my parents and on a few checks from published poetry (no full-time job yet, sorry, still looking) in local literary supplements. But I haven't been to the movies all year and it's about time. Also my birthday is November 29. I'm having some out of house fun damn it!

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