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Monday, 7 November 2011

Bieber Song

I have decided to have a rap song ghost written about the Justin Bieber vs. Maria Yeater baby controversy. I  want to put my opinion out against someone who I believe is trying to take advantage of a talented individual's celebrity status. I plan to write a basic page of lyrics and have the rapper rap their own version after he does his own edits.

Yeater in my opinion is a fame monger seeking to destroy a young mean's reputation just because he's popular on the music scene. It's even been reported that she claimed at least two other men were the baby's father before Justin - who has been professional throughout the ordeal and it's possible that he will soon silence the his baby or not debate by having a D.N.A. test done. This test should silence the sudden negative onslaught on his character and if it proves he's not the father. The female accusing him will be in a lot of trouble.

Beiber fans have been fired up about the 'baby daddy' accusation  and some even issued threats at Maria. While I wont do the same, I feel that as  a mother and she needs to be there for her baby. I hope she gets as much ridicule as possible. Just not so much that she can't function. Though I think that will be very hard since she's now going public on television with these same accusations.

All I have to say is this. People need to stop doing anything for fame. Yes there's luxuries but it also has a dark side. Achieving it through lies and deception only leave you tainted in the end. No matter how rich or popular you get.

So instead work hard, nurture your talent. Maybe you'll be famous, maybe you won't. But your good name should matter more.


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