Red Series

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Soundtrack for Red series

I was online looking for songs that could be apart of any playlists for my novels. I search for songs that I can actually use without being sued or having to pay tens of thousands of dollars just to play a few times or once. I'm using Jamendo which is perfect since you can actually buy a license to play any particular song from just a year to unlimited. And get this you can get a regional license for a year for just $60 (US) per track for starters.

What I want however is to play it on the internet for starters. Then there's the songs I want to use to actually promote my books. Actually I pick one song that I think has a true feel so it can be used in advertising. I found out that I can get unlimited advertising (internet only) for $270 (US) per track. Not cheap but very reasonable when considering the alternative.

I already mentioned the song 'It Happens all the time' by After Ice. But another song I found in my mind promotes the entire Red series at it's core. No matter which side the characters are on - Werewolf or Exterminators both want to protect those they love and themselves. How do you really convince someone that is wrong. Personally I think that's a deep and important question that will have many answers in the series. The song I found is ' To the Death by Andre Rodriquez.
Please note I'm not promoting this as my song or the song of my novels. I'm only saying I'd like it to be and that I'm saving to make it so.

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