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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

WEP Entry: Lonely Old Bridge

Today I'm taking part in June 2017 WEP Challenge. Bridges is the theme whether literal or metaphorical. For more info, and to see a list of all entrants you can click here.

WEP June 2017 Challenge - Bridges

Lonely Old Bridge

A lonely old bridge stood outside an empty town.
What was once a bustling populace had no one around.
The bridge groaned and swung day and night.
As if calling out for the days of old.
When humans walked across to and fro.
The rare traveler now always turned away.
One look at this lonely bridge, humans went where they came.
Before you feel pity though, the travelers did the right thing.
Crossing a bridge made of zombies is not a wise feat.

Word Count: 85 words  (including the title)

Thanks for stopping by. WEP challenges entrants to come with all kinds of stories and that's what I love. Hope you enjoyed my poem.


  1. Hi Sheena - loved this ... and evokes an old bridge in an abandoned town ... the zombies I'm not so sure about! But great WEP entry ... cheers Hilary

  2. did not expect that twist :)

  3. You caught me at the end! Loved the image of the bridge swinging away, lonely. Then the understanding why. Zombies away! An enjoyable take on the challenge. Thanks Sheena kay.

  4. Hi,
    Very short poem with imagery that hides a truth.
    Shalom aleichem,

  5. Totally did not expect the twist at the end. Great poem.

  6. Great twist! Went from wistful to sinister.

  7. Aw, poor lonely bridge. Not! HA!

  8. Would definitely turn around with that fate waiting!
    Great twist!

  9. Very unexpected twist. Evokes wonderful emotion...

  10. Great imagery and rather romantic, lulled me into a different direction and then the totally unexpected ending! Very clever twist. In such small word count too. Fab job all around.

  11. What fun. And how surprising that people were smart enough to turn back...
    A rarity that.

  12. Didn't expect the zombies at the end! Not surprised people didn't want to cross it...

  13. This is a fun poem. From sweet to sinister and very few, but well chosen, words.

  14. Wonderful poem with a creepy twist in the end.

  15. lol. No, I guess its not the right decision. Way cool.

  16. Zombies, did not see that coming. Definitely a bridge to far-out.

  17. A bridge made of zombies would be daunting to be sure. Rather take an alternate route. :)

  18. LOL. Loved how you ended that! Nom nom brains. ;)
    Great job.


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