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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Book Review: It's Hard to be Good (Ellie the Weinerdog) by K.J. Hales

Netgalley has passed along another gem to me today. Books are made for all ages and sizes. Today I'll be reviewing a children's picture book.

Title: It's Hard to be Good (Life's Little Lessons by Ellie the Weinerdog, Lesson 1)

Source: Netgalley

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Summary: Ellie tries, really tries, to be good as she faces temptation over and over again. But how can a wiener dog resist? There are sandwiches and trash baskets and freshly baked ham sending heavenly smells straight to her wriggly nose. Ellie so wants to please because she loves to hear “What a good dog!” but she is also taunted by naughtiness because she thinks with her nose. She smells and sniffs and it’s hard for her to be good when she gets a whiff! Children, and adults alike, will find Ellie’s tale hilariously relatable. What will she do when put to the ultimate test? Ellie’s irresistible charm radiates from every colorful, energetic page as she struggles in her desire to do the right thing. Her expressions tell the story, making Ellie the Wienerdog a pup readers will come to know and love. With playful text and equally boisterous art, this book invites readers to join in the fun over and over again.

Book Review

In this picture book, you meet Ellie. A dog that loves approval but is tempted to disobey just like any pet is. Her weakness is food and the story relates temptation in a way both kids and adults can empathize and understand. The comical wordplay and artwork will mesmerize small children and parents can read a short but fun book to their children. Highly recommend for kids under ten especially baby and toddlers for bedtime reading.

Rating: 5 Stars

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  1. This sounds so adorable. I don't care that I'm a 25 year old grown adult without kids; I want this book! :)

    1. Get it! I have no kids either at 32 and I'm a fan of picture books. Thanks for stopping by.

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