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Faerie Tale Prince Blog Fest

Today is the Who's Your Favourite Faerie Tale Prince Blog Fest hosted by Rachel Morgan in celebration of the release of The Faerie Prince, the second novel in the Creepy Hollow series. Now I get to tell you my favourite Disney Prince and Hero and why I chose them.

Prince Eric

Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid is not only royalty but also a hardworking, handsome, honest and loving man. He doesn't lay back and let his servants and sea man do all the work. He loves his kingdom and his people love him. After getting saved from nearly drowning he's determined to find his rescuer and falls in love with the idea of being with her. Then he finds Ariel, a mute girl who is really Ariel his rescuer and a mermaid turned human by the evil Ursula. He doesn't know that she has only three days to make him fall for her but he does just the same with her beauty and vibrant spirit. When Ursula turns herself human and uses 'Ariel's' voice and a spell to ensure Eric, he's entranced until the spell is broken. But afterwards he gets it in gear and works without hesitation to save Ariel, the woman he now knows he loves. After almost being drowned again repeatedly and fighting Ursula in her mightiest form, he and Ariel end up together in a wonderful happily ever after.

Why Eric?

1. This man went above and beyond for Ariel. Did The Prince in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs do that? No! He just kissed her at the end, the dwarfs did more work protecting Snow White than he did. What kind of husband material is that? Just check these images to see Eric fighting for his love.

And he aint no mermaid. If he screwed up, he would've drowned.

Come on people! He's sailing this damaged ship at a giant magical sea witch. Plus it's during a storm.

2. The girl he falls for is really a mermaid. He seduced a mermaid! With just his personality and looks. And they hadn't even met yet. Boss!!

Last time I checked all other top (most popular) Disney Prince's love interest were human.

She even took his statue to her secret place in the sea. Yup infatuation.

3. He isn't too high brow to speak to a poor lost girl stranded on the beach.

Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast would've left her ass (before Belle changed him).

See? Prince Adam was so mean he ran an old beggar woman!  And got turned into a beast.

4. Was put under a magical spell

Ursula you fiendish bitch.

He almost married an evil sea witch in disguise. How awful is that?

But I will digress

Prince Adam had it rough for nearly the entire movie curse wise.

5. Knows how to treat a lady

New clothes, servants, wonderful palace....

As a female at Prince Adam's Place

Seriously? What a douche!

This is Eric's Palace! Look at it People!

While at Prince Adam's Castle...

Yikes! Talk about your fixer upper. And I'm not just talking about the rundown castle.

Romantic boat ride

Prince Adam

Ballroom dancing. Finally! Something positive.

And let's not forget Flynn Rider

Taking Rapunzel on nice long walks in the woods to convince her to return his property. A tiara that he stole!

Taking her to a dangerous bar to convince her to know. *Sniff* You can smell the romance. Dying.

Flynn trying to make up for his crappy tactics while Rapunzel considers giving him back the tiara she had hidden with her the entire time. Say what? But wait she's not that bad look who raised her.

Okay I give up. They deserve each other.

6. Sparkling Reputation

I think my list already shows that Prince Eric is a charming, charitable, loving and courageous man.

His Competitors However....


Thief and wanted criminal. Yes he was a street rat but not all poor people steal.

And don't forget how all his lies and mischief almost had Jasmine living out her days as a sex slave.

Prince Adam

Multiple acts of kidnapping

Oh yeah, a real charmer.

The Prince (from Snow White)

Opportunist. Seriously, what did he do to earn her love in this movie? The dwarfs did way more to try and protect her. He just sings to her earlier in the movie then kisses her at the end (and takes her off to his castle). Opp-or-tu-nist. Who says Invisible Prince #2 couldn't have done this?

Flynn Rider

Let's leave it at that, shall we readers.

7. He not only gets the girl, he marries her onscreen and....

She's human! Officially and without sea witch madness. Oh and a lovely dress, Triton you're sharp.

The Kiss. They're married, yay! Happily Ever After with a wedding and a ring.


And there was a sequel and Bam!

Meet their daughter Melody

Just look at her.

So there you have it, Prince Eric is #1 in my book.

And P.S.

There might be a real Prince Eric among us ladies.


Oh and Flynn Rider

Watch your pockets. And everything else.

Now for my hero

Lewis from Meet the Robinsons

Lewis is an orphan and young inventor who decides after repeated failed adoptions to use his latest invention to find his lost memory of his real mother. Chaos ensues as he not only has trouble making it work but also when  boy named Wilbur needs his help and takes him to the future. In this future Lewis is a famous inventor but unfortunately his best friend Goob has turned into a villain called Bowler Hat Guy and his side kick Doris is one of Lewis's future failed inventions bent on world domination. Lewis tries to help Wilbur retrieve the time machine BHG stole and keep the villain for ruining Lewis's future as revenge for turning Goob bitter after he lost a Little League Game because Lewis's inventing kept him up all night. Then Lewis learns Wilbur is his son and Wilbur's family panicks at the potential calamity this could bring. 

Lewis's family from the future

Wibur (his future son)

Bowler Hat Guy


Doris, one of the most underrated and evil villains of Disney Movies.

While Lewis initially lacks confidence, his future family helps him to believe in himself and when things go horribly wrong and Bowler Hat Guy changes -and ruins-  the future, he has to step up and fix it.

He finds BHG and takes him to the future he made. Devastated he confronts Doris who he finds was never his friend. In their grand showdown Lewis tells her he'll never invent her thus removing her from existence and saving the future. But before he goes home he gets to meet Cornelius, his future self who tells him that he'll get the right future as long as he makes good choices.

When Lewis returns he ensures Goob has a great game and not only does his invention work out but he finally finds an adoptive family perfect for him and decides not to search for his birth mother anymore and move on with his life.

Why is Lewis a hero?

Simple, he faced impossible odds and came out victorious. Also he discovered how strong he is and that family comes in different forms. And the movie ended perfectly with a saying both Cornelius and Walt Disney used.

That's it everybody, hope you enjoyed my wonderful long post. It took me seven hours to complete.


  1. Well, all princes are beasts till they find their princess, don't you think?

    Loved your post!

  2. I absolutely loved your Prince entry ;) I totally agree that Prince Eric is a sweetie (and sexy too!).

    Love the Disney dudes for the most part, but I haven't actually seen B&theB yet.

  3. Aww, bless you - I love how much effort you put into this! Prince Eric rocks!

  4. Wow, you certainly have a lot of reasons for why Prince Eric is your number one prince! Thank you for doing such a GREAT job with this blog fest :-)

  5. What a great post! But you always go above and of the bestest bloggers on the block!!

  6. Eric's an absolute keeper, alright! And that's coming from someone who has a thing for thieves. (Aladdin and Flynn Ryder dolls are sitting side by side on my shelf right now. True story.) But seriously, any prince who saves his dog from a burning ship in a storm deserves a place in this blog fest. Bravo, Eric!

  7. Wow. I never thought about it, but he really is the best Disney prince, isn't he?? Although, it could be argued that Ariel isn't the best princess. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Little Mermaid.

    BUT--she's only sixteen and she's willing to give up her whole family and all her friends for some guy she's never even talked to. Not to mention signing away her life to the sea witch. Along with her voice. Again--all for a guy she'd never spoken with. Hmmmm....can we say bad example???? haha

    Luckily, Eric ends up being worth it. Which would make the moral of the story: Always put all your eggs in one basket on the off chance that the basket will fight a sea witch for you. hehe

  8. Wow, and I thought I was using a lot of images. :P Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty) will always be my favorite of the Disney princes.

  9. This is hilarious! You had me laughing out loud at your comparisons and commentary :)) Great choices!

  10. Oh my goodness, that was hilarious! "Multiple counts of kidnapping" lol. You made a great case for Eric, I really can't argue :)

  11. lol, so hilarious!! Thanks for the chuckle. I'm a fan of Eric too... AND lewis!

  12. Hey, Sheena,
    Eric does go waaaay past the extra mile!

  13. HAHA, now I got why the not-love for the Beast on my blog lol Touche!
    As you probably read, I almost picked Prince Eric ;)
    Oh, I love Meet the Robinsons!
    Great picks!

  14. oh my gosh I was laughing so hard! And now I want to watch Grimm :)

  15. I totally LOVED your seriously long post. As I was watching the pictures and clips go by, I kept thinking, wow, she put some time into this one!
    I completely agree with you prince wise. No contest. Love that movie.
    As to heroes, again, great choice. Meet the Robinsons is one of my all-time favorite animated movies. I have a soft spot for adoption stories since my best friend has two adopted kids, and another has 5. Adoption is a brave and generous choice!
    Thanks for coming by today!
    Hey Shah,
    I've seen you all over the place (and probably more than today at mine...) but I'm still playing post A-Z catch-up. This isn't my genre at all, but with all the author friends I'm making, I've been reading WAAAY out of my comfort zone and discovering that vampires and werewolves and the paranormal isn't as scary as I thought, especially when the writing is so good you can't put the thing down...I have a feeling I'd love yours. You had me at "serious dental issues." LOL.
    I'm in the middle of a not just fine tooth comb but lice comb critique of a friends entire novel, so I can't commit to anything else at this time, but when I finish that, I'd love to give you some feedback on your first novel.
    As to the covers, no contest, #1. I like a blurb or tagline or whatever on the front, like the planet colors better. The only change I'd make is add the sparkles in the eyes from #2.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  16. Ok, see, there you get Shah Warton's comment, too. Wordpress hates me so I copied it and emailed it to her, but forgot that was what was copied, not just my signature. But if I erase my comment, people will wonder why there's an erased you can erase it if you want...sigh. I need some caffeine...

  17. So excited for Rachel and her new book! And LOL! Loved this post! You totally made me put Eric in a different light. Though I still have a soft spot for Flynn from a comedic stand point. Thanks for your comment on my blog btw. I'll get back to you about it in July if I'm able to get it all wrapped up for a beta read. You rock, btw. (;

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. You did put a lot of work into this!
    Would it shock you to know I've never seen The Little Mermaid?
    Good choice in Flynn though. Of course he had it rough because he did it to himself.

  20. Wow. You ROCKED this blogfest, Sheena-kay! :)

  21. I've never watched the Little Mermaid - I'm impressed with the effort you put into this!

  22. I cannot believe you did this! What dedication. I've never seen Little Mermaid but my granddaughter loves it so that's enough recommendation for me.

    7 hours! I'm flabbergasted! If this were a contest you'd be the winner.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  23. Lots and lots of work put into this, I believe it! It's amazing how long it takes just to find the right pic, place them right, make sure you have the facts right, and then to try and edit! And not only that, you were entertaining as well!

    I never cared for Meet the Robinsons. But, although I tried to think of arguments against Prince Eric (just my natural inclination to be contrary sometimes), you put up good arguments. Even Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog was of low character until he learned otherwise the hard way. :) Writer’s Mark

  24. That was a really well constructed and thought-out post. Well done!

  25. This post was fabulous! You made me laugh out loud, not something I do often from a post. I very much enjoyed reading it.

    You know who also worked hard? The prince in Sleeping Beauty. Except I can never remember his name. Is it Eric? He fought a witch, too! But he didn't take in a mute girl who washed up on a beach. He did take in a possible narcoleptic, though, so does that count? ;)

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse


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