Thursday, 28 March 2013

Getting Personal: March 2013

March is nearing it's end and next Monday I'll be busy starting the A-Z Blogging Challenge. In writing news I won another critique this time from Mark Koopmans after taking part in his bloghop. Will be sending him my first three chapters by the end of the week. Also I won an Amazon Gift Card in a giveaway and among the ebooks I bought I finally got Nick's Overcoming Adversity Anthology. Best $4.99 I ever spent on my kindle.  And guess what? I bought Cassa Star by Alex! I was also lucky to get the ebook version of Shatter Me for $2.99, seriously most ebook's by the traditional publishers are between $8-10 at best (worst more) - and I wouldn't be able to purchase anyway. I can't wait for local bookstores to finally get into the kindle age and start selling ebooks.

So this will be my last Getting Personal post until May. But I'll be knee deep Monday-Saturday in A-Z for the next month so...have a good one folks.

Blog On!


  1. Congratulations and thanks so much for purchasing my book!!

  2. What a great way to spend your winnings! See you at the A-Z!


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