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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Getting Personal: Doing the right thing

When I saw this image it got me thinking. In today's world it's so easy to do the wrong thing and not only get away with it, but often get cheers when you don't. I however plan to be among the many good and honest people of the world. No we're not perfect, yes we have been dishonest at some point. Yet we never throw our morals in the dumpster whether it's for money, fame or other personal gain. If you're like me and believe rule #11 above is not for you, hold your head high and go in high spirits with the Dumbledore quote below in your hearts.

I choose to do what is right! (:


  1. Right has never been easy, it just is. I'm with you Sheena!

  2. Totally agree....we need to stay true to ourselves before we can hope to be true to others.

  3. I try to do the right thing. And as I get older, I find myself judging people by their actions more than their words. It's too easy to be a silver tongued devil.

  4. I try to choose what's right. The problem is sometimes, you don't know what is right when you you're choosing. So don't be afraid to change to make things right.

  5. the right thing can be sooo hard! but its right and good things come from right!

    i saw another funny saying, "I saw that," - Karma


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