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Friday, 16 August 2019

Video Essay Channel Coming Soon

Look I made a banner! Thank you Canva for helping so many of us to able to create our own graphics. Anyway, I want to let you all know that I'm expanding to a new spot. Youtube! Come Mid-September my first video will go up. What will it be about? Not books, I don't want to be a book tuber. Probably a shock from such a bookish girl like me. But I'm more interested in discussing visual media. More precisely, theories, thoughts, and reviews. I will still talk about writing a bit but that will be from more of a fan fiction angle.

What to Expect?

Video Essays Discussing my thoughts on the following things:

* Kung Fu Panda 3 as a Tragic Romance 

*Secret Obsession (Netflix): The Real Culprit of these tragic events

*She-Ra Theory 

*A Month-Long of Coraline Videos for October

- Why I think Coraline escaped into the real world.
- Who the real saviour is.
- The OUAT connection. Oh yes, there are some great parallels.
- The Beldam's return.
- The 'Adult' Problem.
- Prophecies.
-The Fairy Truth.
-The Foreboding Hairclip.  

This is just from September to October. I will also create a few posts here discussing a few small theories. So don't feel left out if my blog is your preferred format of enjoying my content. 

My blog is evolving. I won't be posting book reviews much anymore. But I will still keep taking part in weekly book memes Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday. Netflix Dragon posts will still go up. I have also expanded my freelance writing business to facebook with my very own page. I tried a group last year but there were some 'trollish' incidents so I deleted it. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. See you on Monday. 


  1. It is so awesome that you are expanding your platforms. I am scared to try youtube. I have a resting bitch face.

  2. That sounds like a fun channel. Video blogs are all the rage now - you should do well.

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