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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

WIP Wednesdays #1 and IWSG: Thanks and Goodbye

I was inspired to join this by Katherine Locke and Kosoko Jackson posts on this subject. I think Katherine Locke came up with WIP Wednesdays (this version). Correct me if I'm wrong, saw that on Kosoko's blog. So I'll be sharing the latest on my WIP.

P.S.: I purchased Katherine Locke's book The Girl with the Red Balloon. It's waiting on my kindle.

Well I have been working on better streamlining my WIPs. Been jumping from different ones and need to buckle down. I plan to release my Dystpoian YA series The Sacrifice Series next July and also start sending my Princess Fantasy YA to agents in 2018. Going both the self-publishing and agent route for my potential traditional publishing journey in the future is a lot of work. So dancing around with my WIPs needs to stop.

What am I working On?

Right now I want to get the ideas and basic plotlines down for a Fantasy Fairytale Retelling Series. Yes I know that's all the rage right now with many authors. But each who broke through had a way of telling the stories that brought in readers. I think this series has that potential.I have mentioned it on my blog before. But back then I had planned to release it as a novella series. Now, however, I'd love to use it as a potential future series.

So I'm working on a fantasy series that will take various fairytales and tell them in a different light. Like the Mermaid being transsexual, Hansel and Gretel are cannibals, Peter Pan's a Death Dealer, Twelve Dancing Vampires and so on. I'd like each to be its own novel instead of just a compilation of stories. When I get this off the ground, I plan to write the books for young adult.

What makes this different?

Unlike most of my retelling ideas, this one is a series not a stand-alone.

How far into it are you?

It's in the idea stages. Especially since I decided to scrap the novella idea. I have to work from scratch to create enough story to fill a book around 70,000 to 80,000 words at least.

What's the Biggest Challenge?

Arranging everything. I don't plan to pantser through this one and that's a first for me.

What am I Proud of?

Finally finding my footing with this idea. I truly believe I'm creating this series as it was meant to be.

What's Next?

Outlining, setting everything up and then starting my first draft. Wish me luck! I'm doing the mermaid story first and I'm excited about everything. Even fantasizing about the potential cover one day. I'm in deep folks and loving it.

That's it for this segment. How did I do? Are you working on a WIP as well?

IWSG: Thanks and Goodbye

IWSG is hosted by Alex Cavanagh and his regular cast of lovely co-hosts.

Today is both a great and sad day. Like I said in the past I plan to revamp this blog. Next week Monday I'll go into more details in my upcoming Getting Personal post. But today one of these changes has come to fruition. I will no longer be taking part in the Insecure Writer's Support Group monthly posts. After this week whoever is in charge of the list is free to remove my blog as I will not be posting after this month. This was a long thought out decision and I hope you will understand.

When I started taking part I was greener in blogging compared to now. I made friends and learned from others through these monthly posts. But as times changed so have I and I think it's time to leave IWSG behind. My blog will be taking a different direction. I am grateful for all the great times I had creating posts and interacting with other bloggers. I wish everyone the best as I take this blog in a new direction.

Thanks for all the memories and goodbye IWSG. Take care everyone and I'll post again on Friday.


  1. Sorry you won't be with us anymore. Hope you stay connected through the Facebook group.

  2. Will miss you. Good luck with the new direction of your blog.

  3. Ideas are like playing with fire . . . once they heat up, there's no putting them out. Sounds like you've got a healthy blaze kindled with the fairytale series (love the ideas, BTW!). I just found you, so I'm very sad to see you go but can understand the need to focus where your needs are. Burn bright!!

  4. I've enjoyed your IWSG posts. Best of luck with your new endeavors.

  5. Good luck in your ventures and know you'll always be welcome if you need us again. :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette

    1. It has been a true journey. Thanks for the kind words.

  6. Sheena-Kay, you'll be missed!!!! But I hope to see you around blogsphere.

  7. Great to hear you're excited about your new series. It sounds like an epic undertaking. Sorry you won't be posting for IWSG any longer but I look forward to reading your updates on all your plans.

  8. Good luck, Sheena-kay. I'll miss you here, but hope to see you around the internet. Best wishes.

  9. I look forward to seeing what changes you're going to make to your blog, etc, and what direction things are heading in in general. :)

    1. I'm both nervous and excited Trisha. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Those are some very unique twists on fairytales. I certainly haven't seen anyone else doing those. Good luck!

  11. Such interesting twists on fairy tales. :)

    Looking forward to seeing the changes on your blog. Mysterious and exciting! Good luck!

  12. All the best with the new direction you will be taking your blog to.

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