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Monday, 19 December 2016

Getting Personal: The Year that was 2016

Well it's here folks. The second to last post that I'll be doing for 2016. I'm sure this year has brought both ups and downs for everyone across the globe. From the JLP winning the election and ousting the PNP in Jamaica early this year to the recent win by Donald Trump in United States presidential election. This year has brought on all sorts of surprises. Some joyous and divisive as shifts in government and as unfortunate and horribly as crime and acts of war/terror. No matter what it is up to each and everyone of us to chose. Rise or Fall. There is no in between. Not unless you like rolling around in misery without direction. Hell no from me on that.

I choose to rise.

Some people are like this right now.

Well my thoughts are very different. Why rise above later when I can just be on top right now?

Yup. I choose happiness. You hear me world! HAPPINESS!!!

And for anyone looking to quash my happiness. Dare try steal my joy? Well this is what you'll get in the name of Jesus, son of God.

So don't. Leave my glad Christian self alone and go off you trifling person, demon, whatever. GET!

Thanks for stopping by and do you feel that you've been able to hold unto your happiness in 2016? I had my bad moments but that was all they were, moments. My life is a happy one and despite any setbacks, I hope yours is too. And if not, blaze through that problem until it goes up in smoke. Pray too if that's what you are inclined to do. Just don't give up and if you need a rest, take it then go on.

Happy Holidays and God Bless. See on Wednesday for WEP post and a cover reveal.


  1. Amen! So much doom and gloom and panic. Folks, no need to worry when you have Jesus and know He wins in the end. He is our source, not this world.

  2. Happiness is indeed a choice. Our attitude is the only thing we can control in life.

    Merry Christmas and God bless.

  3. Hooray for the happiness, I wish I could do that Angela Bassett thing to my publisher's car :)

  4. I let events of this past few months steal my happiness and joy; working on getting them back and heard a great sermon yesterday at church to help keep pointing me in the right direction back to Jesus :)


  5. I held on to some happiness. At times it was hard, but in the end we're still standing and I have my family beside me.

    Merry Christmas, and I hope the new year is better than this one :-)

  6. I've had a difficult time holding on to hope after the results of the US election, but I'm working on getting it back. I can totally relate to the Natalie Portman graphic! But you are right, no need to wait until 2017 to grab happiness by the throat and hold on tight.

    Merry Christmas to you, Sheena-Kay!

  7. Merry Christmas, Sheena-Kay! This has been an up and down year for a lot of us. Happiness is a choice, but sometimes it is hard to rise. Once you've done it a number of times you know it works. Wishing you lots of happiness in the coming year!

  8. Eh. I'm not optimistic, but I'm grateful for what I have. I'm trying to stay focused on things that I can do rather than things that are out of my control.

    Stay happy, and have a good 2017. :)

  9. I'm going one day at a time. There are too many upheavals happening or going to happen (both in the world at large and in my personal life) and I'll just stress myself out if I think much farther than the near future. I hope we'll all make it.

  10. 2016 was definitely tough in many ways, but you're right about needing to choose happiness. I choose it too.

  11. Good for you--seriously. It's tough to maintain joy when so many horrible things are happening.

    This was easily the worst year of my adult life--close friend dying, sexual assault, emergency room trip, publisher imploding, etc.--and that's just for starters. But there were good moments too, and I refuse to let 2016 win.

    Here's the 2017!

  12. Love those memes! You're right to get on the happiness train and ride no matter what people say. I bought my ticket, but the train never seems to come to my stop. LOL Merry Christmas!

  13. Your pictures tell a thousand words! Love it. There's much to be consternated about in this world, but we can't sit in a room chewing our nails. We have to get on and live our lives.

    Looking forward to your WEP post and cover reveal.:-)

  14. No matter what happens I try my best to keep a positive attitude. It isn't always easy and I do get discouraged, but I know that there is much to be happy about.

    Wishing you the happiest 2017!

  15. Hoje em dia, muitos se deparam com o problema de excesso de peso em mente carregada de estilo de vida e rápidos lanches em movimento , acompanhar a ração de alimentação uma vez e manter a respeitável aparência queria , há uma solução não gastar tempo em ginásios e dieta , recomendo


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