Thursday, 8 May 2014

Getting Personal: A-Z Reflection and Spanking New Series

A-Z Blogging Challenge this year was fun and also a doozy. While I didn't do every letter I had with those I did as well as visiting other bloggers. A few new members joined the Queendsheena fold and I also got to make some new friends including Stephanie Faris who started as the author whose giveaway I won to a regular visitor as we got closer during A-Z. I enjoy seeing her comments and was excited this week to help share the cover for 25 Roses, her second upcoming novel. The most touching one for me was Z because after dropping off after M and deciding to return for the last letter, it was touching to see comments of support and happiness come pouring in despite my absence. This challenge not only pushes you to the brink but it opens you up to new people and makes the ones already around feel even closer.

Thank you A-Z 2014 for making me feel so loved and uniting us bloggers even closer.

Spanking New Series

I mentioned earlier this year that Sacrifice HER got delayed because I was in a bad place with my manuscript. Still working on it but in the meantime I am excited to share with a new series I came up with last month. As you know if you are a regular, I love fantasy. This series is a fantasy retelling and spins known fairy tales on their head. These novellas/novelettes expose the lies told by previous storytellers to sugar coat or draw profit from tales whose actual stories are less for kids or their target audience.

*Cue Music* - Feel free to pick your own

Series: Fairy Tales are Stupid

Projected Release: Fall 2015

Resource: Fairy Tales are Stupid Tab on top of blog.

The novellas will each focus on one or a few characters who will tell the true tale that was messed up or redone to attract readers for their storytellers/authors. From Little Red Riding Hood to Peter Pan to The Little Mermaid. Tales will be turned on their head and readers will be mystified by the secrets kept from them for so long. I mean really, did you believe a regular girl could survive being swallowed whole by a wolf?

Update: As of September 2014 The Sacrifice Series is delayed with no new date announced.

Note: But seriously folks I do plan to release this after completing The Sacrifice Series and releasing Snow in Summer 2015. I will have to move back Rachel Becoming Red (prequel) from Fall/Winter 2015 to 2016 (September) but since the series for this prequel is way in planning/half chapter from back when I used to chat a lot about Rachel....that's not a bad idea. Unless you count playlists which I don't.

Anyway I hope you guys had fun reading about my reflections and further adding more projects unto myself. But at the end of the day I love to write and blog. Plus I'm going to pay more attention to my pseudonym blogs as well as my AYA which has a novella I want to release this year. No word on when Teen Terror will even get done much less released. Them's the breaks. Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Ha, I love this Fairytales Are Stupid idea - I am super intrigued!

  2. well if people can survive in the belly of a whale, why wouldn't they survive in the belly of a wolf? :))))

  3. You're going to have fun with that fairy tales one.
    Glad you made some new friends during the Challenge!

  4. Fairytales are Stupid--I like it! Great idea! The original tellings of fairy tales are really dark and strange. Not at all like the watered-down versions kids read today.

  5. I LOVE the concept! I think you have a winner with your fairy tales.

  6. Hey, Sheena,
    You come up with the coolest ideas.
    It'll be interesting to read the stories you come up with.
    As to A-Z, stuff happens that cause breaks in our flow, but it's good that you were right there with us at the finish line.

  7. All the best with your work.

    I'm glad you made new friends during the challenge.

  8. Twisted fairy tales are not a new idea, but I LOVE your spin on it: That the classic tales were twisted for profit in the first place. Intended as smear campaigns, perhaps. Very clever!

  9. This community is just awesome! I could hardly catch my breath so I get not being able to post for all letters and then I was gone for the last day. Either way the connections made are so worth it!

    Your spin on fairy tales . . . having some stupid in them hahahha love it! You're genius! :D

    My A to Z Reflections

  10. Your new series sounds wonderful! Can't wait to read it :)

  11. I enjoyed visiting your blog, but was sorry for the troubles you had during April.

    Good luck with your project(s). :)

  12. I have a fantasy in the works, too! Too fun. :)

  13. Sounds awesome! Enjoy working on your projects. :-)

  14. Hey, as long as you're moving forward. Deadlines get altered ALL the time. (As I'm learning.) They have to make room for the human/unpredictable aspects of life, eh?

  15. Road-tripping from A to Z...nice to meet you!
    Visual Proof


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