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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tired Out and Thanks

When I started 2014 A-Z Blogging Challenge I was excited. I hadn't done my posts in advance but I was determined to take part for a second year. What I didn't anticipate was how much of an inconvenience not having a personal computer and also being under the weather would be. At first I thought it was just a little bug but now I have a full blown flu that has not only made me quite sick but unable to get much of any sleep since Thursday night. Also for nearly two days my father had computer issues and couldn't bring the laptop home. When I had reached H, I had decided to  finish the week then end it but issues got in the way of me commenting on other participants. Which is something I hate when so many visit me. So I refuse to post when I can't comment back.

So I will be finishing up now but I want to say this year has been the best. So many of you have stopped by to read and marvel at posts that I sometimes create right before posting. The fact that you enjoyed them so much was heart warming. I do plan to do a post for M (Tuesday) and use part of Saturday night to comment on all those who visited H and try to catch up on some blogs on my blogroll.

Thanks again and just for Old Times sake I'll write what I planned to do this week.

I - Ice: Hey before you judge did you see Frozen? I haven't but the movie  trailers are amazing and ice plays a special role.

J - Jesus:  If you need an explanation, please just go.

K - Katnis Everdeen: This one was decided long before. The Hunger Games Trilogy is a literary and Katniss is a big part of that.

Anyway see you Tuesday after which I will be taking a break until April 28. Love you guys.


  1. Sorry about your computer problems and the flu. The Challenge is tough enough without these problems.
    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. So sorry you're under-the-weather. Love that J was Jesus (no explanation needed here... :))

    Don't give up completely. Just post your intended topics and I'll come and check them out.

    Visiting from A-Z


  3. Ohhhh… Sheena, I'm SO SORRY you've been so sick! It's nearly impossible to even function. I PRAY that you get feeling better soon. :/

  4. Aws sorry you're under the weather! That sucks! Hope you feel better and are able to get some good rest soon!

  5. Aww, sorry you've had so many problems! A-Z is tough to keep up with when you have a computer all the time, but when you don't, it's almost impossible.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Sorry about the flu, Sheena. I think lots of people have been having trouble keeping up this year and you obviously have had more than your share of problems to make it more difficult for you. I've enjoyed your characters so far and glad you participated! Take care and feel better soon.

  7. Oh, I wish you wouldn't use not being able to visit other blogs as the reason to end the challenge! I work late hours and have other commitments, including a writer's conference this weekend until Tuesday, that I'm not able to visit as much as I'd like either. But you could visit when you can. Us folks that love you understand! Writer’s Mark

  8. Sounds like you've got some good stuff lined up. I hope the flu leaves your quickly.

  9. Sucks that you're sick :( I hope you feel better soon!

    I don't blame you for ending your A-Z for 2014 - seems like it was the only choice!

  10. Hope you feel better. :(

    I didn't even try this year, so you are a hero for making the attempt!

    Totally get Jesus, so I will stick around :)

  11. I hope it wasn't the same bug that my family just got over (yuck!). Sorry you weren't feeling well. Take some rest. You deserve it! :)

  12. Hope you are feeling better now. God bless you

  13. I'm never doing A to Z again LOL. It's too much work.

  14. Sorry you can't continue; but I think honesty is part of growth, and at least you're honest with yourself!

  15. Sorry you're down in health and technology! Hope things start looking up!

    Also, despite what some drunk critics said, Frozen is NOT the best Disney film since The Lion King. Just saying.

    (I hit the enter key [or something] mid-comment, so sorry if you get two of these from me!)

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