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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Book Tour: Copied by S.M. Anderson gets the Spotlight

Today I'm taking part in the Book Tour for Copied by S.M. Anderson. This book is set to draw in young adult fans whether in their teens or adulthood. Now let's hit the spotlight!

Author: S. M. Anderson

Publisher: Curiosity Quills

Release Date: December 11

Genre: YA Science Fiction

Target Audience: 14 and up

Distributor: Ingram

Book Blurb:

Adopted off the black market, Alexander
Mitchell, has no idea his DNA is copyrighted and
property of military weapons giant Texacom Defense.
Nor that his DNA is being used to develop an army of clones. When the company
discovers he was not properly disposed of 17 years ago, they send an assassin copy,
BETA23, to terminate Xan and cover it up
After he narrowly escapes BETA23’s first attempt, Xan teams up with Lacey, a
genetically engineered genius he’s surprised to find common ground with— only
they’re awkward together. Half of the time she stares at Xan like the science project
he is and the other half…let’s just say Xan can’t keep his eyes off her lips.
When they manage to capture a company copy by luck and sheer stupidity on
Xan’s part, Lacey is determined to see the good in their prisoner to the point she
believes BETA23 can be persuaded to give them the intelligence they need to keep
the company forever off Xan’s back. Xan’s not sure if he can trust the darker version
of himself, not when it means gambling with the lives of his family and the possibility
of losing Lacey.

Author Biography

S. M. Anderson (Sarah Anderson) was born in
Lima, Peru. She has lived in seven different countries, on
five continents, and speaks a smattering of languages. As
a child and even young adult, writing and reading were
difficult for her, so difficult that she received extra help
outside the classroom and was diagnosed with a learning
disability. However, she always loved stories, especially
ethnic folktales from the countries she lived in. It was the
desire to create stories of her own that fueled her
determination to overcome the challenges that came with
writing. She has a BA in Art Education from BYU, with a
minor in Russian, and a love of power tools. She has a
growing family of three kids and currently lives in Springville, Utah.

Target Audience/Markets

Copied will find a home in the hearts of readers who enjoyed Divergent and the
TV show Heroes. The novel contains enough action to engross male readers with a
romantic subplot that will captivate the fairer sex. Although Copied’’s main target
audience is teenagers the core of the story deals with ethical dilemmas that will trigger
a crossover appeal to more mature readers.

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Book Trailer:


  1. Love the sound of this book. The cover is nice too.

  2. The premise of the book is unique. Sounds exciting. Congratulations.

  3. Whoah, this cover art reminds me of Stephen Tremp's books.

  4. I really like the sound of this book and just now put it on my tbr list. Congratulations!

  5. That cover is cool, and it sounds like an awesome story too.

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