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Friday, 15 November 2013

Dear Andrew, Celebrate the Week and Express Yourself Meme

Before anything else, a moment of silence for Andrew McNaughton, stepson of Nick Wilford. Sadly he passed away recently and his funeral is today. The family has asked for people to release a red balloon today (11 a.m. GMT) in his memory but for those who can't you can do something representational like this red balloon designed by Carrie Butler, that I'm sharing on my blog today. Nick and family you are in my prayers.

What am I celebrating this week?

1. I won several ebooks from M. Pax's Realms Faire Event. Check comments in Wednesday's Stockade Brigade to see my best attempt at Old English and Laura's Castle Jumble is on it;s last day and is another fun event to check out.

2. I'm on my way to saving for a laptop/tablet. I'm keeping the faith.

3. Purchased a book for my mom with paypal cash I won. She had been wanting to get a T.D. Jakes book for a while but the prices for books in Jamaica right now is often criminal. Enjoy when TBD delivers mom!

4. I gave into temptation and purchased my first book for myself from TBD after buying the book my mom chose. But the true celebration is I found two House of Night series (P.C. Cast books) in the bargain bucket for under $10. I mean my mother got one book for under ten and I got two. The $9 (plus cents) total made me smile. Thank you no shipping charges. Hint, hint, Amazon (at least drop it from over $10 a book).

5. God has not only kept me but blessed me with new books, money to buy more books, and you delightful readers to share my thoughts and reads with. Thank you God. And all my blogging/online friends and readers.

6. Nano is still on, I'm catching up and will have a first draft by the end of the month. I mean who needs a weekend. *Twitches* Not me.

7. How could I forget! I saw Ender's Game on Monday! I loved it so much. Will give play by play next week.

Express Yourself Meme

My top 5 TV Shows

1. Law and Order: SVU (NBC)

2. Grimm (NBC)

3. Arrow (CW)

4. Revolution (NBC)

5. The Walking Dead (AMC)

But have to add

6. Supernatural (CW)

7. The Blacklist (NBC)

Special Mentions

1. Covert Affairs on USA - Season Finale is next week and I'm pumped. Annie is on FIRE.

2. Nikita on CW - Final Season starts November 22. Can't wait to see how it all goes down.

3. Sleepy Hollow on Fox - Finally a fresh horror series that has no vampires, werewolves or zombies. Also Ichabob rocks and finally a fantastic black actress to root for outside Scandal and/or a Drama TV series.

4. White Collar on USA - I sense Neal and Peter will come to a head. Also Moz helped deliver a baby!

5. Vampire Diaries on CW - Last season this would be in the top 5 but the doppelganger business is now out of control and getting on my nerves. A real turn off. Still a top ten show for me and one of the best CW has to offer.

6. The Tomorrow People on CW - Teleportation doesn't get enough play in television series. Also people with multiple powers :(and aren't touted as superheroes). And teens actually get shot, take that Marvel: Agents of Shield. Who is taking extreme actions against super powered people now? Ultra will kill anybody. No need to call head office to double check on that and if you defy, you die.


  1. Thank you for sharing the balloon, Sheena-kay.

    And I'm glad you've been blessed with books!

  2. The balloon is all over Facebook today, a lovely tribute.

  3. Arrow and Supernatural are my favs. And you win more free books than anyone I know. Awesome. I rarely get that lucky--then again, entering giveaway may actually increase my chances.....

    The blogosphere is filled with red balloons today. So sad for Nick and his family, but it's heart-warming to see the writing community pull together to express their love and support.

  4. It's so nice to see all the red balloons in memory of Andrew.

  5. Remembering Andrew and all his family today.
    Enjoy your new books!

  6. Hope you enjoy your books! I got a couple of new books on my kindle with a voucher I won in a blogfest; there's nothing better than getting new books :)

  7. How great that you were able to get that book for your mom. I hope she loves it! And congrats on all your winnings.

    Yeah, I used to LOVE the Vampire Diaries but it's just gone downhill in the past year for me. I have heard so many good things about Sleepy Hollow, need to check that one out.

    Enjoy your NaNo writing this weekend. :)

  8. Yay for new books! Thinking of Andrew and his family.

  9. It's such a wonderful community that reaches out to Nick and his family today!
    Arrow is on my Netflix list to watch. I'll have to check out the others on your list. I don't watch TV so I'm fashionably late with series on DVD. ;)
    Thanks for mentioning the Castle Jumble! New books are always a good thing. I hope you've entered the Rafflecopter too for the bundle of ebooks prize at UntetheredRealms site!

  10. My heartfelt condolences for Andrew's family.

    I will have to check your play by play of Ender's Game. :)

  11. Prayers for Andrew's family. That meme sounds fun, although no one would know that shows I'm watching because they're all Korean :D

  12. So, so sad about Andrew...

    And hey, your top show, Law and Order SVU, is one of my favorites too :-) I never used to watch it, but my husband enjoys it, so after we got married I started watching it too and got hooked :-)

  13. I'm glad to hear things are going well. Yahoo to buying books.

  14. I am interested to see The Tomorrow People when it comes here.


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