Friday, 9 November 2012

Personal Fall, My Nano, Blogoversary Winner

Today I planned to reveal my Nano submission and congratulate the winner of my one-year blogging prize. But yesterday something happened and I think I need to share that first.

Personal Fall

Whether this incident is just an awful accident or a serious reason for me to consider getting Life Alert at the ripe old age of decide.

On Thursday November 8, I was at home. Deciding to get some washing done I went outside. Unfortunately since having a fever on Tuesday I wasn't at the pinnacle of health. But I was getting better and the only thing nagging me was an annoying headache. Finished, I headed inside. At the door (not sure if it was the headache, random fatigue or just my clumsy feet) I tripped. I tried to grab the gate but I was barely able to grasp it with two fingers and my other hand was barely able to grasp something that kept my face from slamming into the ground. Worse my feet were in such a way that a lot of pressure went on my right foot's big toe and it was so painful that I had to pull myself up to keep from what I swear would've been a broken toe if I had landed flat on the ground. So happy news all around right?

No. Since I'm not Thumbelina, catching my entire body from hitting the ground by just two fingers is a very bad idea. So while I didn't burst like a balloon or break like china. My right hand was in a boatload of pain. As the day wore on it seemed I pulled every muscle in my body as the pain spread and got worse. I had to lie down for hours. Needless to say I got no writing done that day.

Today I have less pain and will recover.

Thank god I'm not old. Yet.

My Nano Revealed

Title: Gold

Story:  Gold is a stripper at Club instinct. Captured by the Bear Brothers she's been a sex slave for years. But with her birthday looming, the twenty-one year old is on the edge of freedom that co-operative slaves of her section get at age twenty-two. As long as they're not sold off before then. Her hopes comes crashing down when Detective H. Wolf comes knocking. One of the few true lawmen he tells her she's to be sold to Prince Charming: Handsome Prince but secret womanizer and torturer. Not someone the free spirited Goldilocks wants as a master. But there is hope. If she can get to Wonderland, a safe haven,  then she'll be free. Breaking away from everything she knows she not only heads a place where just the attempt is considered treason. She has to escape being chased by the Bear Brothers, their hired thugs and worst of all Prince Charming himself. With Wolf, and a crazed hatter at her side, can she make it to Wonderland alive? And what of the challenges along the way? Goldilocks is on the biggest adventure of her life where not only her life hangs in the balance but her heart as well.

Blogoversary Winner Elizabeth Seckman! Her entry Bitsy Strand has a teen girl having to decide between saving others from suffering or herself. I love the story twist in Lizzie's entry and I'm planning a tentative date for the novella's release of June or September 2013. Elizabeth congratulations and hope you'll enjoy the novella I'll make based off your creation.

Happy trails everybody.


  1. You certainly know how to take a tumble! Hope you feel better today and didn't really hurt yourself.
    Your NaNo project is a fairytale twist, isn't it? Very cool.
    And congratulations, Elizabeth!

  2. ouchiemama!!!
    hope you are feeling no pain soon!
    yay racey goldilocks!! woo hoo!
    and congrats to elizabeth! and your blogaversary again =)

    have a fairy tale weekend!

  3. I hope your hand is okay and you're back to writing, Sheena-Kay.

    Congrats to Elizabeth!

  4. Hoping your recovery is going much better now.
    And Congrats to Elizabeth!

  5. Congratulations to Elizabeth.

    Sorry about the fever, then the fall. I know they must have slowed down your NaNo goal.

    I'm glad you're recovering.

    I like the Wonderland, Wolf, Goldilocks, and Prince Charming mix.

  6. Here's hoping you're feeling lots better now. Your story premise sounds like it'll have lots of action and suspense.

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