Friday, 26 October 2012


Hi unfortunately due to tropical storm Sandy I couldn't post yesterday and my scheduled blogoversary post never showed. It is up now and so is my entry in Spooktoberfest. Still have no electricity or internet at home since Tuesday, posting this from a bookstore. Good day guys.

 Hosted by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books  and Dani @ Entertaining Interest. 


Stacey Tully ignored the cauldron and cobwebs as she pulled out the ancient leather bound text out the cupboard. The whimpering in the back room made her smile. Tonight was the last time she’d ever have to deal with the source of that pathetic sound. Halloween was in full swing and while most houses had jack-o-lanterns on the front lawn and, she was doing something truly in the dark spirit of Halloween.
Then she glimpsed herself in the old cracked mirror. Dressed in the beautiful white prom dress her little wore. Sweet Audrina who ran home in tears and swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills instead of dancing with her prom date. All thanks to a prank orchestrated by the captured teen. While the school might’ve let him off with mercy, she wasn’t. Unlike her deceased hazel haired sister, Stacey had dark hair and identical grey eyes wasn’t so trusting.
“Justice has finally come for you Joshua Bates,” she cooed. It was so easy to lure him to the abandoned house on the outskirts of town. Horny teen thought he was getting it on with a hot nineteen year old. Even easier to knock him out, strip him to his underwear and tie him spread eagled over the symbols needed for the ceremony. Now it was time.
“Stacey I swear, I didn’t mean for anything bad to happen,” the blonde boy teen with abs to kill begged as she returned.
“Yet, Audrina’s still dead,” Stacey said and sliced his wrists with razor blades, “let’s begin.”
Stacey started reading from the text ignoring Joshua’s pleas. The language ancient and haunting.
Suddenly ghosts started coming through the walls. Ghosts attracted to blood and flesh. Joshua’s screams rang out as they tore into his flesh. Stacey’s smile grew wide as she watched.


  1. Oh sweet, sweet revenge! Beautifully told.

  2. Creepy! Good job!

    Thanks for participating in our blogfest. :D

  3. Woah, this is super creepy and scary!! But I was thinking as I read it, "this could be turned into a fuller length story!" Much potential here :) Good job.

  4. Oooo... this sent shivers down my spine. Gruesome! Great :)

  5. Revenge is always served best cold or bloody in my opinion. This was great!! Hope you get power soon!

  6. We both have revenge stories! Go Team Revenge!! Haha...nice job on this!

  7. Creepy, I feel sorry for the poor blonde boy!

  8. That's payback and then some! Well done, this is great to read.

  9. Blood-thristy and vengeful - the perfect story for Halloween! Loved the atmosphere in this! :)

  10. A gruesome tale of pay back. I definitely agree with Trisha. This has the potential of becoming an intriguing novel or novella.


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