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Friday, 17 November 2017

Netflix Nation: Summer 2017 Part Two

Update: Due to unavoidable issues, The Punisher review has been moved to Wednesday. So no Monday post. Thanks for your understanding. After Wednesday 22/11, I'll return Monday 27/11 with a book review. Enjoy your week and have a great holiday American visitors.

So I will say that I have improved upon binge watching. Been taking a little break and plan to start again by this weekend. Gears need a little rest plus I'm doing Nanowrimo (Mermaid Retelling). You can click here for my last summer Netflix post. Now on with the show!

Watch Period: August to September (30) 2017

Revenge Series

I watched all four seasons of this show and really enjoyed it. At least the first three. Four was over the top and I had to take a bit of a break then return to finish. So much happened in a series with main character Amanda returning under the secret identity Emily Thorne. Torn between her target Daniel and his family and the man she cared for as a child (Amanda), Jack Porter. Each season brought with it plans for revenge against those she felt wronged her and sent her father to prison for a crime he didn't commit.

Nolan was my favourite character in the series. Not only was he Emily's closest friend, confidant, and partner in crime. He was also the show's conscience. Reminding Emily that not every act of revenge was worth taking. I'm really glad the two never got romantically involved because not only is Emily sort of batshit but I really don't like it when friends are forced into lovers arc just for plot's sake.

Also, he had his own romantic and personal escapades that kept the ball rolling. Plus he went to prison for this chick. With the poor way she often treated him, he stuck by her through thick and thin. Including a fake marriage (to another character), being taken hostage/attacked and other crazy stuff. I will say that one quote looking back not only themed revenge's consequences well but also made me think of Marvel. Take a guess as to why.

I must say that Ashley's quote best sums up this series.

The first two seasons are really well developed despite insane twists. Season three kind of went off the rails for me but it was Season four that just flew the train right off the tracks. The show was still good but it was less fun to watch and some of the convoluted and insane storylines were too much. I highly recommend this series but just be prepared for some serious shifts in the last two seasons.

Rating: 4 Stars

Dragons: Race to the Edge - Season 5

I have to be honest that I don't remember a lot from this season. I recalled enjoying it. But I think after the disaster that was either Season three or four, I just don't have great recall on this show. I'll probably start to rewatch the whole thing in December. Still, recommend for fans as it's the best season since season two and there are some great surprises and new discoveries.

Rating: 4 Stars

Scandal Series

I had watched the first two seasons on television then fell off. With Season Seven being the last and also interested in catching up. I decided to start watching it from scratch and boy is this show a doozy. If you want dramatic twists without the super crazy antics then I would recommend this to you over Revenge. No matter how far things go, there's both a respect for the material and the viewers. 

I watched the first three seasons and started four then took a break. The rest I watched in October and will discuss in my next NN post (in December). Olivia Pope has gone through a lot being the mistress to the president of the United States and also running her own business. Still, she did break up a marriage and I'm definitely not okay with cheating. Oh and also stole the election for her lover, deceived people, caused deaths...just leave it at Olivia has a lot sins on her roster. Damn!

See this picture below of a great team? Don't be fooled, a lot of messed up things happen and not everyone survives. Highly Recommend. Watch it!

Rating: 5 Stars

Death Note (Netflix American Version)

I watched the movie version. It wasn't that great. The Death God looked really good though.

Rating: Meh

Gotham - Season 3

After season two, I definitely wanted to watch season three. Unfortunately locally in Jamaica, one of our channels got the bright idea to get exclusive broadcasting rights to the show. Then proceeded to barely even show it and also place it late at night. Because no one works during the week. So I ended up watching it on Netflix when it debuted. Boy, was it worth the wait. Despite a few over the top scenarios. That blood virus really made some moments too hokey and ridiculous and don't get me started on that hatter guy. If you think Penguin or Riddler are dramatic, God help you. As if his cringe-worthy relationship with his sister wasn't enough. The poor woman ended up running straight into the arms of death over staying around him. Don't blame her at all. We get great moments as well including the corrupting of the once stalwart police commissioner duo to the blood virus and multiple story and character arcs. Highly recommend and definitely watch Season Four now airing on Fox (the show is back so I guess TV J realized their folly and left the show in peace).

Rating: 4 Stars

Supergirl Series

I watched the second season on Netflix both to catch up and also because this show now has crossover episodes with Flash and Arrow series. It was a solid season and despite some cringey arcs and character choices did justice to the female heroine and show.

Rating: 4 Stars 

Other Shows

Transformers (Michael Bay): Rewatched the first Transformers movie. Still okay and the best this broken franchise has to offer. The last movie that came out in theaters was just awful.

Ex Machina: If not for the third half I would discuss this movie in detail. Two-thirds are amazing and I can see why it gets high praise. The third part, what the fuck? I can't even and that ending? Good Lord.

Little Witch Academia: Uh, no. Too hokey for me. But I liked the magic in the first episode.

The Defenders: It was all right and I even posted a review here.

Jessica Jones: It's a really good show but I just can't sit through the Season!

The Last Witch Hunter: Peeked and decided to watch the movie at a later date.

Superbad: Same as above.

So I watched a whole bunch of shows and finished this blog post. Victory!!

Now bed. Seriously it's 4 a.m. right now. Wonky bedtimes from exhaustion and flu combo. Need to rest a lot during the day. Got up after 1 pm in the afternoon yesterday and still needed rest in the evening.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Before December's Netflix Nation post, I will review Punisher series on Monday. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. We use to watch Revenge when it first came on and then stopped, it got to be too soap opera-ish for me and then it ended so I guess I wasn't the only one that thought so LOL! I haven't watched any of the others.

  2. I do love binge watching on Netflix. Just finished the first season of Stranger Things.

    Hope you are feeling better. Sending healing thoughts your way!

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